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As we all know, the world will suffer from the new crown pneumonia epidemic in 2020. Many people have lost their lives because of the epidemic. According to the survey, health care products, medical and fitness equipment are the most popular industries in 2020. This shows that opening a drug store is a very wise choice.

pharmacy wall shelf

How to open a pharmacy store in 2021

Pharmacy store not like other retail shops, it requires shopkeepers to obtain relevant certificates of medical practice, and the employees hired must also be medical professionals. So the first step is to get certifications, we can even enter medical school. The most important thing is to find a good location and purchase professional pharmacy shop fixtures. The next step is to cooperate with an experienced factory. They can help you do both shop design and build furniture. Good quality with attractive looks makes your shop stand out.

Basic information:

  • Item name: Wall display shelf for pharmacy store
  • Quantity: 3 in total
  • MOQ: 1 set
  • Size: 1080*400*2300mm
  • Color: White and oak wood decoration
  • Material: Plywood, laminate, hardware, light lamp, etc.
  • Function: Display showcase medicine in order
  • Design idea: From our customers and designer

How to order and build the wall shelf?

As for a new business idea, everyone hopes to get new and special pharmacy store furniture. So, they pay more attention to find an attractive decoration solution. Professional designers will also give you good ideas for pharmacy shop decoration. We usually have to reserve at least a week to discuss shop decoration and more than a week to confirm shop furniture design.

pharmacy wall rackOrder steps for pharmacy store furniture

The first step is to choose colors, materials, styles of shop furniture. Attractive design with a unique idea attracts the eye’s attention and reminds people of your business.

Secondly, make a 3D design drawing according to the description. It needs about 5-7 workdays to finish a 90sqft pharmacy store design. A single wall shelf at size 1080mm L needs about 2-3 days to make it clear. However, if we have new ideas adding to the design, it takes a longer time.

Thirdly, check the cost of the pharmacy store furniture. When confirming the design picture, we can calculate the cost and confirm the order. Because it shows how many counters to made. You can also share the design for approval.

Finally, complete the construction drawing according to the confirmed design model. Construction drawing contains material details, measurements, circuit plan, separate counters, etc. The construction drawing needs about 2-3 days. The shop is bigger, it needs more time. pharmacy store furniture

Production information:

The production step begins with a half deposit. This means that production time is calculated when the money arrives. For such a single wall shelf, it takes about 18-20 workdays to complete. Besides, if you need not only a wall shelf, but also a bill counter, center display with a brand sign, please check production time with us in advance.

Our workers focus on produce progress and concentrate on details. It is our company rule to provide good quality, beautiful and useful pharmacy store furniture for customers. We are proud of receiving reputation and good feedback from our customers. In fact, our products help many people earn money.

We will also take pictures of every progress, so customers see how the wall shelf being built. Whenever they have questions, we will solve them as soon as possible. Here is a complete picture for your reference. There is a white light lamp on the top ceiling for brighten. Customers can easily adjust each shelf to fix both small and large items. It saves space and showcases items better. While the bottom has locked cabinets, it uses as a storage area.

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