Dark Gray Cell Phone Accessories Kiosk to the USA

Phone kiosk

Cell phone accessories kiosk is a good place to sell phone covers, phone chargers, and cell phones. It can also set a work counter to provide phone repair services. Opening mobile phone accessories is a good idea to promote your company and learn more about clients’ needs. Here is a high-end cell phone kiosk sharing with you.

Dark gray cell phone kiosk design

This mobile phone cover kiosk is made for an American customer. It mainly installs in the shopping center, size is 3m by 3m. Color is dark gray with multiple light lamps. It has a full of glass showcase, storage cabinets, the brand logo stands, a phone repair counter, and a cashier counter.

phone booth

glass kioskGlass showcase kiosk

The glass showcase is a staircase-shaped display cabinet, which uses for displaying mobile phone cases. There is an acrylic board on each layer to block the phone case from falling. We can also add a glass cabinet at the top to increase the display area and display mobile phones.

Brand logo stand

There is two brand stand to show a brand sign with light. Looks very attractive. It also has glass display shelves to show more items for sale.

mall showcase

Cashier counter

The cashier counter is set near the logo stand, in front also has glass display shelves. Which makes full use of space and earns more money.

Phone repair counter

The phone repair counter behind the cashier counter. It is mainly used to do phone repair services. While in front of it also glass display shelves. The side has a lightbox painting for advertising.

Phone kiosk production show

phone cover kiosk phone kiosk phone booth

You can see how vividly the mobile phone kiosk is from the production photos. Whenever you have new ideas, designers can update them in the drawing. Just send us an inquiry and get your phone kiosk here.

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