Attractive mobile phone accessory kiosk glass display stand

The mobile phone brings many conveniences to the people. So that is why many people who want to start a business see cell phones and cell phone accessories. If you are the first time start the business, we suggest you make a small display booth. It can save some cost than open a store but also can earn the money. Today we want to share with you a very modern style mobile phone accessory kiosk.



Please look at this design, it is made of a wooden base and glass display showcase. The design is almost a curve shape with a red metal frame top. The size can customize with your location size. And the mobile phone accessory kiosk can add your logo to it. You can choose the color of the mobile phone cases kiosk you want.

We have a design team that can make a customized 3D design for you. For a customized 3D design charge a 300USD design deposit but will return to you when order a kiosk from us. You can feel free to let us know if you want any changes to the design. Then we can make the changes for you.

Material: MDF with baking paint, red metal frame, tempered glass, led strip light. The logo we can make it 3D lighted logo. If different material the cost is different.


We will send the drawing to the factory for production. The woodworker starts to prepare the material and cut the wood. And then next step is the baking paint job. We will take 5 times base coat and 2 times finish coat. The final step is to do the installation. We will assemble the whole kiosk in our factory and make sure everything is good.

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