Wood Surface Mobile Phone Accessories Kiosk in the USA

phone kisk

A mobile phone kiosk is good to show smartphones, phone accessories, phone covers. You can also do a phone repair service here. This mobile phone kiosk is mainly used in the shopping center, mobile phone shops, phone repair services, etc. Today, I want to share a mobile phone kiosk that meets the US standard with you

Mobile phone accessories kiosk design

This mobile phone accessories kiosk has a mobile phone display showcase, display showcase, brand sign, advertising posters, etc. All the glass showcase has lighting to show the items.

mobile phone shopGlass display showcases

There is a double-sided glass display showcase surrounding this mobile phone kiosk. The front side has stairs styles of the counter, mainly used to place phone covers. It also has an acrylic plate so that the cover won’t fall.

Corner counter

The squared counter is set in the corner, it has a lightbox painting at the surface. So that people can know your business directly. The top counter has a glass cabinet with light to show smartphones.

smart phone cabinet

Phone repair counter

There is a long reception counter to have a long display table. You can do a phone repair counter here. Under the counter are sliding drawers to store items.

Brand sign stand

At the entrance has a tall stand with a brand sign and slat wall display. You can hang phone accessories here for clients to purchase them. It’s a good idea to insert a TV player to play video advertising.

Produce photos

This cell phone kiosk is built according to customers’ requirements. And will also show you how to build the cell phone kiosk step by step. When you think it’s correct, then we pack the kiosk and ship it to you.

mobile phone stand phone cover booth phone case display


Main material: Plywood

Surface material: Formica laminate

Kicking: Stainless steel

Glass showcase: Tempered glass

Other materials: Light lamp, acrylic logo, etc.

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