Customized size ice cream kiosk popcorn food stall for the mall 

The food business is one of the famous businesses for people who want to start a business. Because the food business is easy to start and does not need so many funds. People who going to start a business need to finalize what food will you sell. Then you need to learn about how to make it and buy the equipment you will need.

This is a customized size ice cream kiosk popcorn food stall for the mall. If you want to start an ice cream business, you can check this design for reference.



This food kiosk can use to sell many kinds of food not only ice cream. You can also put other equipment to sell popcorn, coffee and juice etc. Usually on the front counter is the cashier register. And some display shelves you can put some storage or display some ready-made food.

On the kiosk surface design, we can make it stickers or logo as you like. For the material of the ice cream kiosk, we can use MDF with baking paint or plywood with laminate both are okay. But for the countertop, we had better use man-made stone or other stone material. Because you may need to touch water sometimes.


We can make a customized 3d design for the ice cream kiosk for you. The size and color we all can customize according to your need. Except for the space of the equipment, other places we can make it with the storage cabinet.

The wires and sockets, all the lights we will make it in our factory. You can use it directly when you receive the ice cream food booth. The design time is about 3-5 working days and the design fee is 300USD.

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