Black color ice cream popsicle counter restaurant 3D design

Ice cream is very popular in the summer. If you have an idea and want to start a food business in the summer, you can try ice cream. This is a black color ice cream popsicle counter restaurant 3D design.

Simple but functional design and we can make it fit your business. You can check our website for more ideas about the ice cream kiosk. You can let us know your budget we can suggest you some designs to fit your need.



This is a black food counter to sell ice cream and popsicles. We can see on the 3D design of this black food counter, the front side is glass display fridge for the ice cream and popsicles. In the middle is a cashier counter, and the back side has a menu so the customer can place an order. The back side wall has a storage display cabinet can for you to put something like dishes, food materials and so on.


If you want to make a food counter we need to start a customized 3d design first. Please send us the exact dimensions of your fridge or other equipment machines. So that we can leave enough space for them when we make the design. Meanwhile, we will arrange the layout according to your equipment list.

We will make the ice cream kiosk design to the size of your shop or your location size. If you want to add a logo on the food counter, you can send us your logo as well then we can add it to the 3D design. We can make the design for you to send to the shopping mall to get approval. If they require any revision, we can do it for you.

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