Creative juice bar kiosk with ice cream kiosk design for sale

In summer, i think it’s better have a drink or eat some cold dessert. it’s so cool and happy. isn’t it? When you walked in street or shopping center. you will notice there have so many different types of juice shop and drinks service.  i’d like to say start a juice shop business is very smart ideas. many entrepreneur start his food business from a small food kiosk. it no need so many experience. But it can help you make a lot of earnings.

In this article the one i wanna share is a very popular and creative juice counter for your meet. it mainly for selling fruit juice and ice cream. let’s see more details at below.

3d images to show


ice cream kiosk ice cream kiosk

We can see the whole kiosk is colorful and cerative, the mainly tone is blue, purple and beige. the front part of this kiosk is a display fridge for put ice cream,  the next to is a small cashier counter for order. the right side is some counter with cabinet, top part is some blender, juice machine, coffee machine and more.

You will notice the whole kiosk back area have three special seating. like a motorcycle seats, kids can play and sit here,  it’s so vivid and beauty, do you like it?

ice cream kiosk

Basic information of this ice cream kiosk.

  • Size: 4000x3000mm.
  • Material: MDF, Corian, tempered glass.
  • Color: blue, purple, beige. white.
  • Service: juice, ice cream, milk tea.
  • Delivery: 22-25 work days.

How to start my ice cream kiosk business ?

If you plan to start a small food kiosk in shopping mall. the first step is need do a initial plan. such as the  shop Size, service type, budget, consumer group, field trip and so on.

1. Find a location and talk with the mall manager share  your ideas.  so that get the approval. get the lease,

2. Almost mall manager need to see 3d images and construction plan before they give you lease. so, it’s necessary make a 3d design for the whole kiosk, it’s a good way to show your ideas.

3. Start builf this kiosk, many businessman choose customize the kiosk from China. it must consider the build and delivery.


  • 3-7 days for make design.
  • 22-25 work days to build the kiosk.
  • 15-30 days to shipping. ( it depend on your seaport)
  • 1-2 days to install it.

Thanks for your time and reading, hope this article is helpful for your mall food kiosk business, if you’re interested to build a ice cream kiosk like this one, pls feel free to contact us here! thank you!


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