In summer. Ice cream is very popular among young people. Many people or brands have their own shop to sell ice cream or snacks. As we all know, open a shop is not an easy thing. You have to think about the location and decoration and others. If your location is not ideal, it doesn’t matter much. The important thing is your product quality and your shop decoration. We can see many people paid someone to design a store for him. Why do they do that? Why don’t they just set up some tables themselves? Because it looks no professional. If your location is not so good and your shop decoration is very simple. I don’t think your business will be very good. That’ why we need to design a shop.

There are some companies that just design and don’t produce, and there are some companies that just produce and don’t design. But here we are, we can provide you A-Z service. Design your shop, manufacture the furniture to you, ship to your country. The more important thing, it’s our price is cheaper than in other countries. So called low price but high quality. Let’s look at this ice cream shop design and production

We can see this shop wall has a big light logo and some TVs. It can be a decoration. If you don’t need so many TV, you can change to the lighted box poster. It also has a decorative effect. So can show your products. The bar counter you can put the cashier machine and some fridge or ice cream machine. It with sink, you can use it wash your hands or some food. The backside is a cabinet, it can store your stuff or some accessories. The walls are decorated with ice cream shapes. They can highlight your business. And about the desks and chairs. The white grille not only adds some aesthetic to the shop but also gives a little privacy to the adjoining table.


This design looks simple, but it feels quiet and comfortable. The customer is satisfied with the design, so we will start production. Let’s look at these production photos.

This counter and the logo and the ice cream props to decorate the walls. We produce completely according to the shape of the design drawing. The material we use MDF and baking pain, acrylic luminescence logo and the counter we use man-made stone. It’s very durable and has a nice display effect. We can provide everything in the design.


If you also want to design your shop. You can just tell us your requirements and sent us your shop floor plan, then we will help you to design it. Then confirm the design with you, once you are satisfied, we can start production and ship to your country. It’s very convenient and you can save your time. We customize the company, and done a lot of shop design and commercial furniture. So if you want to design your shop or want to learn more details, please contact us. We will answer all your questions.

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