Hat Kiosk

Creative hat display kiosk cap display booth used in shopping mall

Hats are more and more valued by people, and more and more people wear hats when they go out. So what are the benefits of wearing a hat when going out? First of all, a hat can play a role in sun protection, sun protection and warmth. With the continuous development of the hat industry, today’s hats can also be very good against rain and hair, which is better than sun protection. Umbrellas are more convenient and easy to use, and naturally more popular. Moreover, today’s hat designs are more and more fashionable, there are many different styles, people can choose any hat they like according to their preferences and needs. And now the hat can be customized, so it is increasingly becoming a fashion accessory.Instead to open a hat shop, you will find many people prefer to rent a small space in mall,here just need a small hat display kiosk then you can start your business.

Here today i want to share you a nice hat display kiosk:

see this hat display kiosk,do you like it?it looks very amazing.Nice blue color matched white color,around kiosk bottom all have nice blue led lights for decoration.each display cabinets also comes with many nice lights,makes the kiosk looks very bright.

this hat display kiosk size is 4m by 2.5m on photo, you can see this kiosk is very functional design.It is an open style,both outside and inside are display cabinets with glass shelves.Customers can see all styles, and can go inside the kiosk to select.

what’s the detail info of this hat kiosk?

1.size:4m by 2.5m
2.color:dark blue match white
3.materials used:MDF with blue and white baking paint finish,tempered glass
4.accessories:led lights,acrylic illuminated logos
5.Production time:18-22 work days

Do you like this hat kiosk design?if you also want to make a hat kiosk, just feel free contact us.


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