Hat Kiosk

High-end Hat Display Kiosk Retail Delicate Caps Wallet Display Stand

The caps and other hats are very popular. It is not only the fashion product for young people, but also is one useful daily necessity for people in life, because it can be the ornament and can be for people to keep out the sun. Are you looking for one beautiful retail hat display kiosk?

Elegant Hat Display Kiosk

The hats kiosk is very fashion and elegant. The main kiosk is white, and some edge frame is golden to decorate. It looks very high-end to catch people’s eyes. The hats display stand is designed the wooden floor to support the kiosk.

Display area hat display kiosk

4 Sides of the hats display kiosk are for displaying, and we take full space and let the kiosk plays the big role. There are two display cabinets on right side. hat display kiosk picture 1One is small showcase with 3 glass layers, and we install the spotlights on the showcase, and its beside is the display rack for the belts and wallet. In addition, The door front side has one long showcase for the hats too. The back side are many lattices for the caps, its top also can show the products.

Cashier counter of hat kiosk

The cashier counter is for you the save the money and serve the customers. The logo sign is golden and make on the cashier counter. The counter beside is the 5 layers display rack for the caps.

Logo sign

There is one tall sign for displaying the logo and it is acrylic luminous, beside, the logo also can be 3D luminous logo, metal logo etc. The tall one sign can let people see it easily from far away. We make the promotion words signs on kiosk bottom to make the kiosk rich.

Accessory showcase

We design one accessory showcase in the kiosk middle, and customers can go inside to choose the rings, earrings, watches and others.

LED lights

The LED light strip is installed on the specific showcases and make the kiosk bright and attractive.


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