Hat Kiosk

Chain brand customize hat kiosk simple display stall design

A hat is a piece of clothing worn on the head, most of which cover the entire top of the head. Mainly used to protect the head, some hats will have a protruding edge to cover the sun. Hats can also be used to dress up, protect hair and cover bald spots. It has some people start the business to customize the hat. 

Then you can check this chain brand customize hat kiosk simple display stall design for reference. We just shipped 5 sets of this kind of hat kiosks to the customer in the USA. And the customer said our quality is very nice.



The size of this hat kiosk 18 x 10 ft this is a customized size we made according to our customer’s needs. Inside the hat kiosk has space for the machines and a cashier desk. The display area of the hat kiosk is the glass display cabinet on both sides. Each display shelf has an led strip light and the display shelf is wooden material. We can make it a glass display shelf both are okay.


How to make a customize hat kiosk? Our design team can help you! We have a professional design team that can make a customize hat kiosk design for you. Please send us the size you want for the hat kiosk. Meanwhile, if you have a logo also can send it to us.

The designer will make a new 3d model with the size and logo you want. We will send it to you in 3-5 working days then you can check the effect. The shopping mall usually requires the 3 d design. So that you can send it to them for approval. And we will make this design to fit your need.

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