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Modern Hat Shelves Custom Indoor Showroom Stand for Sale

More and more people like to wear hats, and they even prepare different hats with different clothes. Because it can show personality and be different. It’s a great idea to sell hats and earn money. Also, it’s very important to purchase hat display shelves in the showroom, so when your business partners come, they can see the samples directly. Today, I want to share a custom made hat shelves with you. Hope it can help you get some idea of showroom furniture.

The birth of hat display shelves

Every kiosk design we made has its unique story. And the birth of a unique design is inseparable from the efforts of our designer team. Let’s learn about the birth of this hat display shelf.

First, confirm hat shelves design idea

When the owner first contacts us, they asked to make an industrial-style hat display and tell us the rough size of the size. I also shared similar shelves designs for reference. They don’t know how the samples match their products, so they come to our factory and discuss decoration details. However, when they arrive at our office and see the products, they prefer white color with high glossy painting. They decide to cooperate with us and pay a deposit to move forward.

Second, make 3D design pictures

Our designer makes a 3D design model according to their requirements. And leave enough space for the socket and the main electrical box. The total size of hat shelves is 5.3m L by 0.38m D by 3.6m H, matching the showroom size. The length of the shelf is determined by the number and length of the hat at the same time, to ensure that the hat can be placed on the cabinet.  Besides, the bottom cabinets used to restore more hat products. We also add a mirror to the hat kiosk, so people can try on the hats to purchase.

Third, confirm the design drawing

After a few days, we make a deal because our customers like this design very much. So we make construction drawings immediately for production. The entire design work takes a week. For customers who do not have clear design requirements, the design will last a long time. That’s why we recommend leaving more time for 3D design.

Design pictures show

wall shelf

From the design picture, we can see this hat shelve more clearly. And when produce it follow on the confirmed design drawing, our customers receive the same products as pictures show. Each shelf has a light lamp for bright and shows the hat in a good way. The orange logo frame is also a fascinating sign that people can see as soon as they enter the door.

hat shelves hat kiosk design

Production & installation

Production details

We use MDF to make the wood body. It takes 12 days to finish all the body. The next step is painting the kiosk to a high glossy surface. Before painting, we need to polish the wooden cabinet body smoothly and wipe off the wood dust on the surface. The next step is baking paint and must wait for the paint to dry before proceeding to the next step. These steps have to repeat for more than 5 times. Finally, connect wires, add Led light and assembly doors. It is completed in our factory.

Installation details

Since the total size of the hat kiosk is larger than the size of the suitcase, we must pack each shelf separately for transportation. The brand logo also packaged alone, so when the owner receives it, he just needs to put them together according to the construction drawing and put them together. Then connect the wires to the main electronic power supply. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, we are glad to help you. Thank you for reading.

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