Cosmetics and skin care products are also necessities of our lives at present. Especially skin care products, this is absolutely necessary. Skin care products such as water, milk, cream, and facial cleanser that we usually use are all necessary for daily skin care. And now people are paying more and more attention to maintenance. In addition to these daily skin care, they also choose facial masks or other skin care products.

Current skin care products are all targeted, and different types of skin types use different types of skin care products. So now there are many brands of skin care products appearing on the market. This also means that people’s demand for skin care products has increased.

Next, i will introduce the skin care display showcase to you, and you can take these as a reference.

Skin Care Kiosk


This kiosk mainly sells skin care products and cosmetics stores. The main colors of cosmetics shops are beige and pale pink. This color combination will make the whole shop look more natural and comfortable. This shop mainly has cash counters, dressing tables, display cabinets, posters and logos. These are essential for a shop.


Layout for Cosmetic Store

The four sides of this kiosk are open, so that customers can enter from the four sides. Let’s start from the pillar. There are light boxes and glass display shelves on the pillars. To the left of the pillar is the cash register, and to the right is the skin care product display table.
Next, I will introduce the display area on the other side. There is a counter dedicated to displaying skin care products, and there is also a counter dedicated to applying makeup to customers.

You can see there are a floor. It can make the whole furniture more neater.

Production Details

You can see the display stand and make up stand. They are many light strip and make the whole more bright. In the shopping mall, only  more bright can attract more attention from customer.

Production Process

Before start to produce, please confirm every details. Once we start to produce,and can not change it. We first need to cut the material to make wooden boards, and then assemble the wooden cabinets from the boards. Then leave sockets where you need to reserve sockets. Leave a place in the place of the logo and light box. Then we need to polish the surface and make the kiosk more smooth. After these, stat to do 4 white primers and baking paint. Final install the logo, light strip with acrylic lampshade, sockets and some accessories.

How to get the new design to match my space?

We are focused on design and produce the kiosk for our customer. We have a professional design team and can design the new one according to your requirements. The 3d design will display all of your requirements. After you satisfy the 3d design and get the approval from the mall. We will start to produce according to the 3d design and drawings.

When will I receive the kiosk?

It include the 3d design(3-5 working days), production time 22-25 working days), shipping time( based on which port is near to you).

How do you pack it?

The package include two steps. One is to make the interior package we use the EPE foam to pack the edge and corner of the kiosk.  Then use the film to pack it. For the outside package, we use the MDF to build the wooden cabinet. Then put the interior package into the wooden box. Finally, seal the wooden box with nail.

What material will you use?

In general, we will use the plywood and MDF as a main material. We will use the plywood as a main material, if you want food kiosk, or wooden style. If you want to make the shape and smooth surface, the material is MDF.


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