Exquisite Rose Gold Cosmetics Supermarket Indoor Display Showcase

We know that beauty is the nature of every girl, and makeup is gradually being accepted by the public. And girls are more and more like to go shopping to buy these items. Only through careful selection can you find the one that suits you best. In addition to cosmetics, nowadays there are also daily necessities such as cosmetic contact lenses that have gradually become popular. What if you want to open a store that sells these items, but are affected by rent and location of the store?


Why You Will Choose This One Kiosk?

This cosmetic display kiosk not only saves rent, there is no need to rent a storefront specially. Just place it in the supermarket where you want to open a store. At the same time, it does not require too many people to look after. It saves you rent, utilities and some labor costs.

Kiosk Details

  • Size: 3m*2m
  • Color: rose gold and white
  • Main material: metal frame,MDF, LED light box, 3D acrylic logo
  • Function: Sell product
  • Design idea: Meet customers’ requirements
  • Design time: 3-5working days
  • Production time: 22-25 days



When you walk in the mall, how does it feel to see this kiosk at first sight? If it were me, I would be attracted by its exquisite and gorgeous combination. Even if I didn’t have the urge to shop at the time, I couldn’t help but want to look at it after seeing it. The overall rose gold and pure white color can bring out the high end of the product. There is also the decoration of flowers on the shelf, which makes customers seem to have entered a dream world.


The main materials of this display kiosk are MDF, metal frame and white baking varnish. For MDF, it has hard texture and smooth surface, which is very suitable for cosmetic kiosk. The painted surface will make the display kiosk have a better gloss surface, which is easily cleaning. The overall metal frame makes this pavilion very sturdy and durable. Other materials include light box, stainless steel,  track light and 3D acrylic logo,ect. Our material is in compliance with mall center standards, it is healthy and safe. If the mall has strict material requirements. We can also change the material so that your design can get the mall approval.


This cosmetic display kiosk is divided into two areas. One side is the goods display area, and the other side is the customer experience area. There are also some small display cabinets. If you do not like these regional distributions. We can customize anything you want according to your requirements.

Shipping Details

We always use fast and on time delivery. Within 28 working days after receiving deposit by sea. If you have a shipping agent, please inform us at first, then we will recommend shipping agent for you and make a quotation including transportation fee for your choosing. Or if you have any objection with transportation fee, please inform us, we will remove transportation fee and contact with your shipping agent before delivery time.

When Will You Receive The  Kiosk?

You should know it reveiving will take these time: including design time +production time+ delivery time. For the design, we usually need 3~5 working days to make the 3D model then give you the drawings. And our factory need 22~25 working days to produce. In the end, transport your products by sea will spend nearly 28 days.

Unique Display Furniture is professional kiosk manufacturer. We provide one-stop service, from design to delivery. If you want to know more, please contact us!

Email: :+0086 136 8246 0100

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