Corsair Style Skin Care Products Display Stand Retail Mall Kiosk

To maintain health and makeup

If you think that maintenance is just for beauty, then it’s not all right. Maybe you didn’t consider how serious the air pollution is now, our face is exposed to the air all day. So sooner or later you need to wash your face with facial cleanser and then apply moisturizer Cream or something, but that’s not enough.

The skin care products that provide maintenance are also directly exposed to the air. The dust in the air is easy to adhere to the skin. Therefore, applying a little loose powder to make up a light makeup can cover the dustproof effect. The light has a scattering effect and contains several times the anti-UV function. And also makes the skin tone more even.


To start the skin care kiosk business in the shopping mall:

If you want to start a business, you have to find a location first. After you find a good location to start your business, please get back to us the size of your location.

And then we will design a new skin care kiosk with your location size and if you have the logo we will add it on.

We will help you to complete the design until get approval from the shopping mall.

For the design we will charge 300USD design deposit but it will deduce from the total cost.

If you have any idea about the design, please feel free to tell us. And then we will add it to the design.

After confirm the design, our payment is 50% deposit before the production and 50% before shipping.

We will send the production pictures to you after the kiosk finished.




Contact person: Amy Chen
Whatsapp: 0086 18823466142
WeChat ID: ShenzhenUnique

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