3 m × 3 m multi-function cosmetic display showcase makeup kiosk for sale

Hello friends, welcome to visiting our website. Today I want to share a multi-function cosmetic display cabinet with you. It can display cosmetics, provide manicure and eyebrow services. If you need such a multi-function kiosk, you can not miss it.

cosmetic display showcase

Cosmetic Kiosk

The cosmetic kiosk is made into MDF and the baking paint as a surface treating. Whole style of the kiosk is purple, green and white. The color is more beautiful and attractive if put in the mall.  The kiosk we use the light box, logo, light strip to decorate the cosmetic kiosk.

Product description

We use green as the basic color, it’s a clear color that gives a feeling of returning to nature. On the first sight, we can  see there is a high stand with a large TV screen and posters in the entrance. Besides, it can show people your brand logo here. So it’s very important to design a brand logo. Then, customers enjoy manicure services in the right side and pay cash here. And on the right side are two eyebrow working table with mirror.

There is a large round green display stand between them. It can easily show us the hot products in the store, such as nail polish, mascara, eyebrow pencil, cosmetics, etc. Last we can see there is two light paint boxes. You can change promotional posters regularly so that customers can stay fresh and enter your store frequently.

This multi-function kiosk has a lot of storage area. The green wall in the left side also used for storage, which enlarge the useful space. And the right wall has a purple curve like eyebrows. It decorates the cosmetic display cabinet. Do you like this multi-function kiosk?

More information

  1. Material: the basic material is MDF
  2. Other material: Hardware, tempered glass, light strip, etc
  3. Color: White, green and purple
  4. Size: 3m×3m, it can based on your store size
  5. Design: 2-4 working days to make a customized 3D design
  6. Production: 22-25 working days after confirmed order.

How about the Craft?

The craft is essential for the cosmetic kiosk. We will do the wooden cabinet firstly according the drawings that we confirmed before. Then we need to polish the wooden cabinet to make the surface more smooth. Then we need to do the surface treating that do the 4 white primers and the 3 baking paints with purple baking paint, green baking paint and white baking paint. Finally, we need to install the accessories like sockets, logo, light box, light strip and etc.

Package and Installation

The package we will use the wood box as the outside box. The each part we will use the EPE foam and the film to pack it and make the cabinet more security. When we put the cabinet into the MDF, we also put the foam board into the wooden box. Then we nail the wooden box.

When you receive the kiosk, we just put the each parts according to the constructions drawings. Then connect the wire together. The kiosk can work successfully. When the kiosk finished, we also take the videos and pictures for you to have a look.

Our company make customized kiosks for 13 years, we have many customers all over the world, especially in America, the UK, Australia, Canada, France and so on. Every kiosk should be based on customers’ unique requirements and production will follow on the final design.

When you have something in your mind and want to make small changes, please let us know before production. So we can modify them in time. Whenever you have an idea, please let us know. We will assist you to finish it.


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