As we all know that makeups are very popular among female friends, and they are very keen on it, so if you want to invest in this industry to open stores, there will be good prospects. If you are a new businessman who wants to start a business, you can make a makeup kiosk first to test the market.

For a makeup kiosk in the shopping mall, you just need to pay the lease for a kiosk location and the cost to make a makeup kiosk. And when the people shopping in the shopping mall center, they can see your kiosk easily and come.

How to start a makeup kiosk

Here share one of our USA customer’s classical makeup designs as a sample to guide you. Normally when you set up your own business, firstly you need to talk with the mall or landlord to rent a space. Once you get a space from them and then arrange the kiosk design based on your size, brand name, color and design request. And once the design comes out, some mall management needs you to submit the design to them for approval.

The approval time depends on different malls normally around 2-4 weeks. After the mall approved the shop design. And then our factory will start to produce the makeup kiosk and arrange the shipping for you.


Shopping mall makeup kiosk design

Please follow with me to look at this makeup kiosk design. The color combines black color, grey color and white color. And the material is MDF with baking paint. The makeup kiosk has a product display area and some stations for the customers to try the makeup products. The layout we can design as your requirements. Such as, if you offer the makeup service, we will design the stations for the customers to sit and with the mirrors.

Because the customers come many when rush hour coming. So we will design more than 3 stations for the customer. This makeup kiosk has 2 double-side stations for the lipstick and 3 stations for the eyebrow. We can add the logo to the display showcase for you.


How many days do we need for the makeup kiosk?

Our team not only offers design but also furniture production, installation and shipping for you. Finally share some time schedule for your shop project for you. For the 3d design time, we need about 3-5 working days.  After we finish the final 3d design, we will send the construction drawing to you and you can send it to the shopping mall for approval.

When we get approval from the shopping mall, we will send the construction drawing to the factory. And the factory will start production according to the drawings. The production time 25-28 working days after we receive the 50% deposit.

After the workshop finishes the makeup kiosk production, we will send the finished pictures and videos to you. If we check everything good, we can arrange the shipping for you. The shipping by boat around 28-30 days but it depends on the seaport. So normally for the whole project, we need to prepare for at least two months.

How to do the assemble when I receive the makeup kiosk?

Before we ship the makeup kiosk out, we will assemble the whole makeup kiosk in our factory. So actually, everything is ready to use. What you need to do is open all the packages, and put them together according to the floor plan. We will mark the number on the packages. And then please connect the wires together to the shopping mall power supply then the makeup kiosk will go on.







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