This is a beautiful 3×4 mobile phone repair booth design. Cell phone repair is very common in our lives. So mobile phone repair kiosks are very much needed. You can first understand the location of the mall, and then understand the local customs. Only in this way can we make good business.

Phone Accessories Display Kiosk

The main material of the mobile phone repair booth is medium density fiberboard. The surface is painted. The surface of the workbench is made of artificial stone, which is very strong. In order to allow customers to better understand their own brand, logo and light boxes, as well as advertising machines are also added.

1. Layout

We use the cash register as our main goal. The LOGO is also placed in front of the cash register, and the counters on both sides of the cash register are also displayed with light boxes and LCD advertising machines. This kind of display can make the whole pavilion brighter. At the entrance, we customized a display area so that customers can buy some mobile phone accessories while waiting for the phone to be repaired. The totem display of the pavilion is a very big advantage. We can put our logo on Totem so that customers can see the mobile phone repair kiosk far away.


The color of the entire mobile phone repair booth is white and blue. This is the color of the customer’s logo. This gives the brand a strong advertising campaign, and the unique modern design of the side counter will also make this mobile kiosk more attractive.

2. Details:

①Basic material: MDF

②Surface material: white baking paint, white baking paint
③Hardware: through lock, stainless steel handle, drawer slide
④Logo:  3d luminous logo
⑤Others: stainless steel baseboard, LED light strip, 8mm tempered glass, white artificial stone.

3. Production Process

Firstly, we will do the wooden cabinet according the construction drawings. Secondly, we need to polish the wooden cabinet. Smooth wooden cabinet will help the whole kiosk more beautiful and bright. Third, to make the baking paint. we need to do the 4 primers, then start to do the baking paint. Before we do the baking paint, we will send the Panton card to you and you can choose one that you interest. Our worker will match the suitable color for you. There are 2 baking paints. One is white, the other one is blue.



The time include the design time, production time and shipping time. The design time will take 3-5 working days. The production time will take about 22-25 working days. The shipping time depends on which country you located and which port is near to you. For instance, if you located in the USA, the shipping time will take about one month.

How can i get new one design?

First of the all, you can contact us to tell what kind of the style do you want? If you are unclear, we also can help you do it. You just tell me what color do you like, what size you want. If you have special requirements for the phone repaired kiosk, please feel free to tell us. We have more then 13 years experience in the industry, and we can help you. After you satisfy the design, get the mall approval. we will produce the kiosk according to the 3d design and construction drawings.

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