With the smart phone developing , everyone may change a new cell phone to catch up the fashion. Even the old phone are still working .  New edition of cell phone will bring more apps with better experience. So, opening a smart phone retail kiosk in mall, you never need to worried about your customers.

One important notice is that when you decide to open a mobile phone retail store , make sure you have advantage to compare to inline stones. As we know cell phone experience center also provide very good brand cell phones. So , if you have good supplier with high quality inventory , opening a cell phone retail kiosk in mall are great business ideas.

Most of the cell phone retail kiosk are combined with a cell phone repair service. So, if you can consider to adapt a cell phone repair function inside a kiosk will be more attractive . Here blow is a big I shape cell phone retail kiosk design you can take into consideration .

cell phone retail kiosk

Unique kiosk is a professional mall retail kiosk manufacturer , we supply high quality kiosk with unique modern kiosk design.  All the size and feature are fully customized according to your requirement . So , if you want to start a cell phone retail shop in mall, I highly suggest you visit Unique check our design and price than make your final decision.

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