Mall kiosk for cell phone related business is always hot and profitable in recent years.  With smartphones technology developing. More and more phone replated kiosk will open in a mall. So, Here below are one best mall retail kiosk for this business. You can use it for cell phone accessories display retail or phone repair shop. You can also use it as a cell phone experience and retail center.

Here are 2 pieces of 3D Rendering of this kiosk. With a standard kiosk size. this kiosk design is fully used in display and working operation.

cell phone repair kiosk

retail kiosk in mall

After the clients confirmed the 3D rendering images. We will provide a detailed construction drawing for the customer to confirm.  Once everything has done. The drawing will be sent to Factory to start manufacturing. Here are 3 images of this kiosk in pre-installation and fitting when it’s in the workroom. We will install all the logo, lights, posters during this procedure.

kiosk imagescell phone kiosk real photo

When all the pre-installation work has finished. We will take a full video to show our customers, and tell them the fastest way to install the kiosk in the mall.  Then we knock down and separate each part of the kiosk and packed them in a wooden box for delivery.  The customer usually will get all those boxes in 3-weeks, base on different counties & districts.

When customer got those boxes, They will prepare to install it in mall. Usually, the work will be done in the nighttime. so fast &easy installations are necessary. Fortunately, Kiosk from Unique are well designed. Here below are some images from the client’s feedback after install and staring the business.

If you like our work or if you want to build a cell phone related kiosk for business in mall. Welcome to visit us or send us your inquiry. We will make you are a unique kiosk with the best quality.

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