This is a 10*10 ft standards mall kiosk concept for cell phone retail and accessories retail. If you are going to open a cell phone related digital retail kiosk for electronics retail store. This kiosk design will be best for you.

Opening a cell phone kiosk in mall are considered a good and profitable business trends in recent years, especially in the coming 5G decades. the smartphones will have a big chance to get a big jump. So, starting a cell phone related business will get valuable feedback in the next few years.

When limited to budget an RMU retail stands is a nice alternative option. Here below is one unique drawing for a cell phone retail merchandising unit. Check if you like it if you need the 3D design of this cart. Welcome sent us an inquiry.

Because all of our kiosk & RMU carts are customized according to customer requirements. So, we basically do not have any kiosks in stock. If you need it in a hurry time.  you can work with our sales team first to make sure you are in a good time schedule.

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