Bread display kiosk with food bar counter for the shopping mall

Hi, I will introduce The Bread Display Kiosk with Drinking Bar Counter for Sale to you today. With the progress of society, there are many people who have no time to make breakfast by themselves in order to catch the bus to go to work in the morning. They will choose to buy some food on the street, or buy the bread at home for breakfast. There are many people who will buy bread and leave it at home for convenience, so they don’t have to rush to buy breakfast the next day.

If you want to sell the bread, you need to consider your cost. The rental and machine price, kiosk price you need to consider. And if you get the place from the shopping mall, you need to consider order one kiosk for selling bread. We can produce the bread kiosk according to your needs. You can tell us to ask about your needs. We can do a design firstly according to your needs, and you can take the design for the shopping mall audit.

Bread kiosk design for the shopping mall

You can see the layout of this bread kiosk, it has a bar area on the left and right side with some bar chairs. These two area can for the customers to sit and have a rest here. Also, the customers can chat while having food at this bar counter. This area is suitable for you if you want the customers to sit here and have food. But if you don’t want the bar counter here, just want the customer to buy and go, we can remove this area. Or we can make this area all for the counter to prepare the food is also good.

On the front side, it has a small area for the cashier counter and some space for the display fridges. For the back side of the bread kiosk, it has a three-compartment sink and two tall fridges. On the countertop, you can put some small size equipment, like waffles machine, blenders, coffee machines, etc.


This picture is the same design, just change the color to pink color. If you want other colors, we can make it any color you like. And also on the front of the counter, we add some lighted box, you can put some posters or menu here. The food kiosk all has the led strip light which is let the whole food kiosk look more beautiful.

Food kiosk design:

The design is very important to do the kiosk. Because we need to know what kind of kiosk do you want? What style, size, equipment do you like? And how about the size of this equipment? This information we need to learn, then we can customize for you. Of course, if you do not what style do you want, we can customize it for you, and you can send me your logo. We can add your logo on the kiosk, then we can see the whole effect. You need to pay a 300 USD design fee before we do the design. But the design fee will refund to your deposit when you confirm the order. The design fee will spend 3-5 working days.


Contact us for help:

As we are the customize food kiosk factory, so we can customize a new and unique food kiosk for you. Whatever food you sell, we can design a food kiosk exactly what you want. Our design team will arrange the layout for you and leave the space for the equipment. Please welcome to contact us to start your own food kiosk!

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