Are you looking for a customized hair beauty salon shop? Nowadays, more and more people choose to open a hair store, because it costs less and earn more. When you are going to do hair dressing business, please decoration your shop to looks good and choose beautiful working counters to match the theme. As for a hair salon shop, the more fashionable the decoration style of the shop, the better. Because the decoration style of the shop represents your aesthetic. When the customer likes the store decoration, she/he will be more willing to enter the store to experience the hairdressing service.

Introduction about the hair shop furniture

From the picture, we can see that the shop use violet to build the working counter. There are many posters to hang on the mall, As we can see in the design picture, the are oval mirror with tiolet and white light on the wall. Closed to the wall, there are high stand cabinets with light to showcase products, like shampoo, etc. When people likes the items, they can take away conveniently. When enter the shop, we can see there are many hair styling in the wall cabinet.  You can add sofa closed in the door, and set reception counter here. Which will make customers feel comfortable. Let’s view the more directly from the picture.

hair shop furniture

How to assembly the hair shop furniture

When you receive the goods, you need to install the shop furniture in the right place. We will build the hair shop furniture well in our factory, and take photos and videos for your confirmation. For better delivery the goods to you. It will be packaged in many cortons, every wooden box will note numbers outside. When follow on the instruction to assembly the goods, it’s very easy and can finish by two people. If you have any questions about assembly and shop decoration, please feel free to tell us. Thank you.

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