This is a newly designed barber booth, specially used in shopping malls. The men’s haircut business has always been considered a safe investment during the entrepreneurial period. Men’s haircuts are very different from women’s haircuts. The men’s haircut service is quick and simple. However, women spend a lot of time cutting or styling their hair. This means that most of the barber booths in the mall are for men’s haircuts. It is not suitable for women’s hair cutting. Because of the complexity of female hairstyles. In fact, if you really want to start a female haircut business in the mall, there are some good business ideas you can try. One is a female hair shop in a shopping mall. The other is a female wig retail booth in a shopping mall. We can provide these.

Barber Kiosk with Unique Design

Today I will share a nice barber booth design. This is a pretty barber booth in the mall with 4 work stations for haircuts. When you are in the hair cutting business, you will find that these workstations are very important in the barber shop. He is different from other workbenches. For a barber, he has a lot of equipment and scissors to put in it, and it is very convenient to use. We are a professional manufacturer of barber booths. We design and build custom barber booths for sale in the mall. And provide the best barber booth design ideas. You can check our design carefully and get more information.

Kiosk Layout

The kiosk have four places to cut the hair. The kiosk has two shampoos. This is convenient for customers to wash their hair. One side of the Kiosk is used to display products. This kind of display of it is styling. It is very convenient for customers to choose and buy. There are also many light boxes throughout the kiosk, so that customers can better identify them. For the countertop, we install some baffles to obscure the customer’s realization.



About  the price:

For many detailed quotation ,please let us know the actual size you need. Because our price depend on the size of the kiosk you ask for and the material,different size,different price. You can tell me what size of the barber kiosk do you want? Then I will make a quotation in the best price to you.

If you have on idea of the size you need,just contact me freely,we have a design team,we can make design or decoration for you.


Maybe you don’t like the color of this pavilion, and its size is not what you want. For this, don’t worry. We have a professional design team that can design and customize according to your needs. You can tell me your needs, such as color, size, layout, or shopping mall needs. We will customize your own haircut kiosk based on these.

How to order it?

Firstly, you need to contact our sales man to help you do it. If you want it but want to change the size, color, logo, and some others. We can help you change it according your requirements. After you satisfy the design, and get the approval from the mall. Then we can start to produce it

Second, before produce the barber kiosk, please arrange the 50% production deposit.

Third, Install the barber kiosk, we will take the photo and videos for you.

Fourth, Before shipping, please arrange the balance payment.


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