Geometry Hairdressing Kiosk Beauty Service Showcase With Interior Design

More and more people learn to dress themselves up. They will do salon service once a week. We will go to a nursing place, will go to a barbershop to clean hair, or do hairdressing almost twice a week. So the beauty industry has become more and more popular.

The description of the salon kiosk

Interior layout of the salon shop kiosk

The geometry beauty kiosk for hairdressing has two open areas, for people to get in and out. There are three chairs to sit on.  And have their mirror with bulbs. On the other side, we can see the sofa, which is used for providing a place for customers waiting. The interior design is not changeless, it’s style and layout can change according to your ideas, location size, and service you provide. We make a 3d design first and then modify the design for your final confirmation.

beauty kiosk

The exterior design of the salon shop kiosk

beauty kiosk

From the outside, we can see the three color laminate, yellow, white, and black. Magically, they are put unorderly, which effect an interlaced feeling. At the same time, we can see the big illuminated letter logo “spot-on beauty”.at the kicking area, we make stainless steel base. The material is so durable and strong. You can assure our product’s quality.

Service of our company

We are a customized factory in china, we mainly custom make, we have made many cases. Our customer is satisfied with our professional 3d design and 24 online services. You need to have a location to open a salon shop, and then tell us the floor plan. We have a professional design team for your design. Importantly, each kiosk we made has a strict package, Inside is foam packaging, outside is wooden box packaging, and have corner protection.  If you have any interest, welcome to send us an inquiry.


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