Barber kiosk in mall affordable cost ECO salon kiosk design for sale

If you ask me, what is the best and simplest shopping mall kiosk business concept in 2020? I will tell you that opening a quick barber booth is a good choice. Barber booth, also known as a barbershop in a shopping mall. This is a fast hair salon where you can cut your hair in a short time.

Description of the barber kiosk

As a quick hair accessory. The kiosk design must be fully functional and user-friendly. The hit here is the simple and practical hair salon we design and manufacture for American customers. The kiosk was finally installed in New York. Customers located in that city can contact us to obtain a detailed address to check the quality on site.

The barber booth in the mall is very different from the hairdressing booth. Most barber kiosks are mainly for male customers, while hairdressers focus on female hair accessories. The idea of ​​these two kiosks is very popular and popular in most large cities.

Layout description:

It is an open barber kiosk, a working station set in the center kiosk, and a long bench on two sides for rest. This barber kiosk size is 3m by 3m, has 4 barber station with mirrors in total. There are two boards with logo on the diagonal, they show your products and services like all customers. It has no high walls, except for the working area and rest area, the most space is the entrance and moving area. This allows your store to have more activity space and a better view. The shampoo chair and display cabinet can be placed in the corner so that it is both beautiful and can make full use of the space. The automatic cash register is set at one of the entrances. It supports PayPal, Apple pay, credit card, and cash. It also shows the service menu directly, people can even help themselves. Is it cool?


Decoration details:

The main color of the barber kiosk is solid wood bar decoration. The working table is the white in color at the center. Natural wood gives people a feeling of being close to nature. And the simple design style makes your shop look vibrant. Solid wood strips are also a popular decoration recently, especially in Australia.

We can see the brand logo is very creative and unique. It named ECO CUT 101 and has an opened scissors are the logo, very simple and vivid. Before we start our business, we also need to design a simple and meaningful logo, so people will remember us more easily.

Light decoration:

Light decoration plays a very important role for a mall kiosk. It not only convenient for our business but also attracts clients and improve sales performance. Mirror light surrounds the kiosk for better work. Logo can also have light. Therefore, even in the dark, your barber shop can still be in sight.

How to get to the barber station?

First, find a location for a barber station.

Second, sign a contract with the landlord and know the requirements.

Third, find a style and color for your barber kiosk. You can add any ideas to the kiosk to make it special

Fourth, make a professional 3D design. Our design team can help you make a new design.

Fifth, check the design drawing and adjust it better.

Sixth, confirm it as the final drawing. So you can get a favorite hair salon kiosk

Finally, make the barber kiosk according to the confirmed design. A professional factory is very important if you want a wonderful and high-quality barber shop. Shenzhen Unique Display Ltd. is a good choice for you.


1. When can I get the barber kiosk?

As for a customized barber shop, we recommend leaving around 2 months to get it. 3-5 days to make the design and 2 weeks to modify it better and get mall approval. Production time 22-25 working days. About 20 days to deliver the kiosk.

2. What should I do if the kiosk is different from the design?

It won’t happen. Because we should first use your ideal color to make the design. Then send the material color code, you can choose a matching color to make the kiosk. And even make a sample for your confirmation to make sure it’s the same color you want.

3. Where do I get my goods?

We can help you deliver the barber kiosk to the port and make DDU to the door. So you can choose which way is convenient. And if you near the airport we can ship by airplane.

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