Exquisite barber kiosk in mall & barber shop design for sale

Hello, everyone ! Welcome to visit our page.  Are you still looking for barbershop? Are you still worried can’t find a direct supplier help you do it?  In this article what I wanna share is a very popular barber kiosk.  If you’re interested start a barbershop like this one, pls follow me see more details at below.

3D design picture show

From the design picture, you can see every part direclty and clearly. If you find somewhere not good enogh, we can also help you modify in time. Let’s view the details together.

hair kiosk

hair exhibition

hair salon kiosk

We can see the whole kiosk main tone is white, a very elegant and exquisite. The whole store three sides are opening, the customer can go through from different corner. While the left and right sides has four hair cutting station. It includes glass display shelves, drawer, cabinet, mirror and beauty lamp. A short display stand for shampoo in the middle of this kiosk. In addition, there are many drawers for storage.

The back sides of the whole store is a long display wall. Shampoo display showcase and posters match spotlight for adversiting. Belows are many cabinets for storage, the next to is a reception counter. On the outside counter with logo and white acrylic strip. 

Whole kiosk surface with many hair poster showings. Besides, the bottom is stainless steel skirting with white led light strip. looks very bright and attractive. Because as for a customized kiosk, you should make sure it’s good for you to use.

More information

  • Size: 6000X6000mm
  • Color:  white or customized.
  • Main Material: MDF.
  • Surface mateiral: High gloosy baking paint
  • Other materials: Stainless steel, acrylic, tempered glass
  • Service: hair cutting, hair extension.
  • Accessories: mirror, beauty lamp

Every shop owner looking for unique and attractive barber kiosk. If you are one of them, please don’t hesitate to custom made the hair salon furniture. Because no bulk production kiosk can meet your demand and add your brand logo. Besides, you don’t need to worry about whether the barber kiosk meet your demands. Since the 3D design is based on your ideas, you only need to make sure that the 3D design drawing is what you like. Then, production the barber kiosk follow on the confirmed design, you can receive the same hair styling station you want.

hair dressing booth

How to make the barber kiosk meet your demands?

1. Choose a unique barber kiosk decoration

It’s very necessary to find a professional designer, who understand you better and make good mall kiosk for you. So you can see how your own kiosk looks like in the 3D design. And also decoration the shop according to your own idea. You can also change it to different color and style, so you can choose one better to start hair cutting business.

2. Make the layout meet your demands

Different layout gives people different feeling. So you should find a good layout to attracts people and leave deep impression on them. You can also place the counter and mirror station in the right location to work better. That can also help you make full use of the space and save renting fee.

3. Suitable size macth your barber kiosk location

Location size is very important for a business. Because customers can find you in the same location, which makes them feel secure and can fully enjoy your service. What’s more, the mall manager only allow you open business same as the size in contract. That’s why you should make the barber kiosk same as the location size.

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