2 Seats Barber Kiosk Hair Styling Station in Mall for Sale

Haircutting service kiosks can be seen everywhere in recent years. Many people cut hair and change hair stylishly when go shopping. It’s a great idea to open a barber kiosk in the shopping center. As it brings us many target customers and also makes people know us better. Today, I want to share a 2 seat barber kiosk with you.

Small Barber Kiosk in Blue Color

barber shopLike most barber kiosks, it has 2 working stations with mirrors. A squared water sink near the door, which is better to use without waste space. Inside the kiosk has an L shaped glass display cabinet. Which can showcase hot sale shampoo, hair conditioner, hair dye, and other products better. People can also buy it while passing by. This can improve the customer experience and get more regular customers.

The reception desk in the middle behind the logo stand, protect privates, and show the brand sign in a good way. Closed to the entrance door is a locked cabinet, personal belongings can be stored here temporarily. Outside blue frost glass not only for decoration but also people outside can’t see inside clearly.


Features show:

Every brand has a unique brand logo and decoration, and a good store decoration can make people impress you. Therefore, we must carefully consider the design of the barber counter before opening the store

Decoration description

It has a very simple and reasonable layout, because of a small location, we have to arrange each counter properly for good use. Black color and blue as the main tone of this barber kiosk. 3D hollow luminous logo in the front, people can see you from distance and can also attract more clients. Behind the working station, we can see there is two lightbox painting. We recommend replacing new posters regularly, so people can always keep fresh in your shop. And good looking hair stylish attracts them to experience.

hair salon station

Materials introduction:

Item name: Black and blue color barber kiosk

Size: 3m×3m, 10ft×10ft, or another size you need

Main material: MDF

Advantage: Uniform structure, good stability, no deformation, flat and smooth surface. Waterproof, fireproof, and anticorrosive

Surface material: High glossy baking paint

Countertop: Whitestone

Other materials: Frost glass, mirror, light lamp, acrylic logo, lightbox, sockets, ceramic sink, stainless steel kicking, etc.

How to open a barbershop in the mall?

For many entrepreneurs, starting a business is a big challenge. Because of a lack of experience, most people don’t know how to start a business. Now I will briefly introduce how to start a business in the mall, hoping to help you

barber station

First, join a brand or create your own brand. Many shopping malls have certain requirements for merchants entering. You need to choose a suitable mall and meet the requirements for opening a store

Second, sign off with the mall and get the location. Location is the beginning of a business, where we provide haircutting service and sell products.

Third, decide kiosk decoration. It’s better to make a 3D design drawing, so you can see how the barbershop looks like finally.

Fourth, confirm the final design. If necessary, submit it to the mall manager for approval. Most of the mall manager wants to see kiosks follow the rules.

Fifth, production of the barber station according to confirmed design. Please pay attention to the opening time agreed with the mall, and reserve enough time to make counters to ensure punctual opening to avoid fines

Finally, receive and assembly the kiosk. It’s better to install the counter according to the construction guide. So you can open a barbershop and earn money.

hair cutting kiosk

How to build the barber kiosk?

We should first make the kiosk body, it’s the frame and base of the barber kiosk. Next, we will paint the kiosk to the ideal colors. It takes some time to wait for the paint to dry, and this step needs to be repeated at least 5 times to get the final selected color. The last step is the assembly of each part install cables and light. The production time needs 22-25 days in total.

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