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With the rapid development of science and technology. the per capita consumption level is also constantly improving.people’s consumption way is more and more diverse, electronic. As an initial entrepreneur. did you find the right project? I think, from a small cell phone accessory kiosk is a very good choice.

Why is selling mobile phone accessories such a hot business? We live in the age of technology and information. Electronic products are ubiquitous in almost every aspect of our lives. Especially cell phones. Second, the high sales are mobile phone shell. Phone tempered glass screen protector and headphones, data lines and so on.

Today the product i wanna share is a very modern cell phone accessory kiosk for your meet.

cell phone accessory kiosk

Phone Kiosk

The phone kiosk is made into MDF and we use the baking paint as a surface treating. Phone kiosk include the glass showcase, logo, and the sockets, light box. These accessories will make the whole kiosk more bright and unique. For a wonderful phone kiosk, it need enough time to make the kiosk more elegant and attractive. Only a good appearance will attract more attention.


The kiosk has two high display stands for two corners. There are two lower displays on diagonal angles. Three sides of the kiosk have the glass showcase to display the phone case. One side we take it as repaired desk. The appearance of the repaired table, we add the light box. And it make the kiosk more elegant and attractive.

We can see the whole kiosk is very modern and simple.  four sides is Aluminum groove plate with hook display. match led light strip and glass door. the inside is some wooden cabinet for storage. in the middle of the kiosk is a small cashier counter.

More introduce about this kiosk.

  • Size: 3000x3000mm. it can customize based on your space size.
  • Color:  white, gray. blue.
  • Material : MDF, acrylic, stainless steel. tempered glass.
  • Accessories: led light strip, acrylic logo, light box.
  • Usage: for sale phone case and phone accessories.
  • Delivery: 22-25 work days.

cell phone accessory kiosk

Production Process

The production process include wooden cabinet, polish, baking paint and the installation. The wooden cabinet is made into MDF. Before we produce the kiosk, we need to confirm the 3d design and the construction drawings. When we do the wooden cabinet, we will do the wooden board firstly. Then assemble the wooden board into wooden box. During the wooden cabinet, we will reserve the sockets place, logo place and so on.

After wooden cabinet, we will polish it to make the surface more smooth and more people will know it. Next step is to do the baking paint. The baking paint will make the kiosk more bright. The baking paint include the 4 primers and the 2 baking paint.

Final Step is to install the logo, light box, sockets, glass showcase, and the light strip.

 How to customized a cell phone accessory kiosk  like this?

  • contact us and share all of your ideas. such as the space size, you like color, style. your logo and the mall requirement.
  • we make 3d design and put all of your ideas on it.(before designing, we need charge 300 usd design fee. the design fee will refund when you order).
  • Confirmed the design and construction plan. pay 50% deposit start production it. (20-22 work days to build it)
  •  in production during. we will take photo and video update the progress. set it up for your check.
  • Package and shipping it to your nearest seaport. ( or your specified address).
  • pick it up and assemble.

Thanks for your time and reading, if you’re interested to build a cell phone accessory kiosk like this. or more related design. plz contact us here! welcome inquiry !



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