4m×2m white phonecase kiosk for phone repair service and display

Are you looking for a phonecase kiosk for shopping mall? Now our life is inseparable from mobile phones. Whether it is eating, waiting for a car or sleeping, we need to receive mobile phone messages. We can chatting with our friends, learn news, play games and handle official duties. In this case, people protects their phones carefully. Therefore, it’s a great idea to open a phone repair store. And you can choose this white phonecase koisk for your business.

Description about the phonecase kiosk:

  • Color: White and blue
  • Size:4m×2m or customized size according to mall area
  • Metrial: MDF, tempered glass, stainless steel, light strip, acrylic, etc.
  • Style: According to customer’s size
  • Design time: 2-4 working days
  • Production time: 18-25 days

phone case kiosk

We can see in the design, there are 4 display showcase in the 3 sides, and the stair level design aimes to hold more phonecases. Four corners has 2 big and 2 small display cabinet with aluminum slot plate wall inside, which used for hanging on phone accories. All the display cabinet with light, and locked doors, so it’s very safe to use in the shopping mall. On the front side is a phone repair counter and a register counter. The illuminate logo should be on the bottom.

Phone repair kiosk

Do you like this phonecase kiosk design? There are also posters for advertise hot selling products, if there is a TV to play video ad. please let us know in advance. Because we need to leave enough space when production. That’s why we recommend to make 3D design at first.

Our designer works on the design according to your own requirements. They come up new designs to meet your demand. If you tell us your ideas at first, we can show a beautiful design at first time, which saves both of our time and energy. When you find somewhere not good enough, please let us know, we can modify. When you confirm the order, production is follow the agreed design, so please make sure that you like the design and everywhere is correct.

We are waiting to know your own design idea. Thank you for reading.

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