Australia standard 4m×3m customized mall retail kiosk

Hello friends, Good afternoon! Nice to meet you here. I guess you are looking for a mall retail kiosk for your business, right? Now more and more people tend to shopping in the mall, because they  can find everything they need in the mall. So it’s a great idea to open a retail shop in the mall. When you have a full plan to start. The next step is to sign off with the mall manager and get a place. Usually, a small dimensions is suit for your business. Especially when this is our first business, we need to consider reducing costs. Today, I want to introduce a mall retail kiosk.

Basic information:

  1. Material: MDF (We can also choose plywood, solid wood, etc. as the basic material)
  2. Finish: Laminate, baking paint. (Other finishes like tile also helpful to make your kiosks unique)
  3. Size: 4m×3m (According to your own requirements)
  4. Color: Black, wood grain color and blue light for decoration.
  5. Counter: White man made stone

Descriptions and Designs show

We can see in the design picture, the whole kiosk is full of display areas. The 2-layer display showcase with white man made stone counter is for display small things like earrings, souvenirs, etc. And people can purchase the right things soon. And the 3-layer wooden grain display is for large products like bags, toys, dolls, etc. Are you noticed the high stand with red logo? Yes, it aims to make people know what products and service you provide. And you can also put video and poster here, so it can let new customers know more about you when they are going by. Do you like this mall retail kiosk design? Would you want such a customized kiosk design?

Mall retail kiosk

Our company make customized kiosks for 10 years, we have many customers all over the world, especially in America, the UK, Australia, Canada, France and so on. Every kiosk should be based on customers’ unique requirements and production will follow on the final design.

When you change your mind and want to make small changes, please let us know before production. So we can modify them in time. Whenever you have an idea, please let us know. Thank you

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