4m×3m Phone Display Kiosk Cellphone Cases and Phone Repair Counter

Hello, everyone! Are you looking for a suitable kiosk for your business? Most of our customers want unique kiosk and can help their business. Today, I want to introduce a very nice phone accessories display kiosk design for your business.

This cell phone case kiosk dimensions 4m×3m, it suits to sell phone accessories, iPad cases or do the phone service and so on. The kiosk includes the small cashier counter. And around the kiosk all the display area, shelves display and hook display. All the glass door of the display cabinets open from the outside and open from inside there is the storage cabinets.

3D designs about this phone display kiosk:

The front side of the middle has a small till counter. It has a 3d acrylic lighted logo. And below the 3d acrylic lighted logo, it is the lighted box for advertising. We have the blue color Led strip light on the stainless steel toe kick. And the red color on the kiosk is red lighted acrylic. For this part, we will install the led strip light inside and outside we will put the red color acrylic. That is why finally the acrylic will be light up.

The inside of the kiosk has a small counter use for phone repair. We make this part together with the kiosk so it can look like a whole part. And the main color of this cell phone case kiosk is grey color baking paint. If you want another color, you can choose from our pantone and send it to us. We can make any colors you like. The size of the mobile phone repair kiosk also can customize. Just let us know the location size of your kiosk. Then we will make a new customize phone accessories kiosk for you.

More information about this cell phone case kiosk:

You can change the layout, color, style according to your own requirements. Because we provide customize kiosk service. So you can get your own unique kiosk. Besides, we have an excellent design team, they come up with new ideas and show them to your own kiosk. So you can feel free to let us know what you want. Our workers are highly skilled and they will be manufactured in strict accordance with the design to ensure that you can get the same kiosk as the design.

For the customize cell phone accessories kiosk 3d design, we will charge 300 USD design deposit. But this 300 USD design deposit will deduct from the total cost when you order a mobile phone mall kiosk. The cell phone repair counter we can make the change if you think the design not good. It is for free. And finally, after you confirm the final 3d design, we will make the construction drawing for you.

How to assembly the kiosk before use?

You must know that our factory located in Shenzhen, China. However, our customers are abroad. Please don’t worry about it. For example, when you order a phone kiosk, we should production and assembly it in our factory. Once finished, we should take photos and let you know it’s ready to ship. Then, we need to package and deliver. For better transport, the whole kiosk will be divided into several parts. When it arrives at your end, you should only put them together. It’s very easy and only two people can finish this work.

Do you like this cell phone mall kiosk for your business? We are looking to discuss your own kiosk design with you. Thank you for reading.

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