14 x 9 ft customize size T-shirt kiosk shopping mall stall

T-shirt is a kind of hot sale clothing product. Some sellers can even offer a customize T-shirt service. You can print the pictures you like on the T-shirt. It can be your favorite cartoon character, or it can be the symbol of your class as a class uniform.

If you want to start a T-shirt business, you can establish your own brand and start the business. A customize T-shirt kiosk is a good idea to start a business. Our team is the best choice for you to do this job.



The size of the T-shirt kiosk:

12 x 9 ft or customized size.

The material of the T-shirt kiosk:

MDF with baking paint.

The glass of the T-shirt kiosk:

8mm tempered glass.




This is a standard T-shirt kiosk design, very simple with black and white color. The size and also the color we can customize with your requirement. Meanwhile, we can add your brand logo to the T-shirt kiosk.

For the display area, the cashier area and the storage area, we can discuss and make them as you like. It has the machine on the countertop, you can let us know the size of the equipment. We can leave the space and install the sockets for them.



A customize T-shirt kiosk design is important for your business. Because your location is different, your logo is different. 300USD design deposit you can get a professional kiosk design from us.

Our design team will make a new 3D T-shirt kiosk design with your size, your logo and your favorite style.

We will send the 3D design to you in 3-5 working days. You can check and let us know your idea. Making some changes for the 3D design is for free.




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