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T-shirt kiosk

We recently made many T-shirt kiosks for American customers. T-shirts kiosk and clothes is a profitable business idea. You can earn money and gain many sincere clients. The T-shirt kiosk is good to showcase T-shirts, clothes, hats, etc. Here is a nice T-shirt kiosk sharing with you.

T-shirt kiosk design

This T-shirt kiosk size is 10ft by 12ft, a very popular clothes kiosk. It has 3 colors in total to build the T-shirt kiosk, including dark red, white, and black, you can also choose other colors for the kiosk. Plywood was used to build the T-shirt kiosk body, and the surface material is wood laminate, metal frame, stainless steel, acrylic, tempered glass, etc. We can also use other kinds of materials to build the clothing kiosk.

Clothes store furniture

clothes kiosk

Introduction of T-shirt kiosk

This T-shirt kiosk includes glass cabinets, a display counter, storage cabinets, brand sign. It can display all kinds of T-shirts and paintings, and we can also add mannequins.

Glass display cabinet

There are two glass display cabinets with glass shelves to show T-shirts and mannequins to present effect to the clients. The bottom has paintings of T-shirts, clients can choose one drawer they like easily.

nail kiosk

T-shirt displayStorage cabinets

It has L shape tall display cabinet at the corner. It has multiple layers inside the cabinets, which can sort out T-shirts and increase the storage area. On the front side can also place paintings to attract clients.

Brand logo

It has a rectangular display with a ceiling near the entrance. The brand logo is set on the top with metal support. We can also set light box posters to advertising new T-shirt styles and let people know you better.

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