Modern and Popular T-shirt Kiosk Mall Booth for Sale

T-shirt kiosk

T-shirt kiosks and retail kiosks become popular because it’s easy to operate and gain clients. Before starting, we can find a good place and purchase a unique T-shirt kiosk to start. It can attract clients and can also promote business. Today, I want to share a nice T-shirt kiosk with you.

Introduction of T-shirt kiosk

As we can see in the design, this T-shirt kiosk is very large and fits an area of around 4m by 6m. However, if it’s your first business, renting a location around 3m by 2m is a good choice. Except for the T-shirt, you can also sell toys, hats, and other items to gain more clients. You can even print photos and names to attract more poeple.

mall retail kioskLayout information

The front counter has 2 stairs shape, you can attach colorful stickers to attract eyes’ attention. It high light your products. Next to it is a cashier counter with a business name and posters in the front. Clients pay cash here, and a lightbox painting can also attach here to remind people of your business.

Display cabinets

There are display cabinets to the kiosk, we can also attach them to the kiosk. Each cabinet can put products for sale. We can also add a glass door to protect items. While the top has white letters with lighting.

T-shirt modern store cabinet

You can also add display counters in the center of the T-shirt kiosk for convenient usage. You can use it for both storage and display area.


We can see there is a white big ceiling at the top, that has white metal frame support, and looks very attractive. We can also add a light strip or spotlight to increase brightness. Besides, you can also hang the business logo and name on 4 sides, so that clients can view your shop from distance.

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