High-end T-shirt Display Showcase Cute Children Clothing Retail Kiosk For Sale

Clothes are the necessities of people’s lives nowadays, and many people often go shopping to buy the clothes they like. If you want to open a clothing store, you not only need your products to attract customers, but also the decoration and clothing display cabinets in your store to attract customers. A good display cabinet can not only help you sell more goods, but can also be used together to promote customers’ desire to buy.

Material Introduction

This clothing display cabinet mainly uses MDF materials and baking paint craftsmanship. The skirting is decorated with stainless steel, which not only protects the display cabinet, but also makes the display cabinet more useful and more beautiful. LED light strips are also installed in the cabinet, which can make the clothes you sell more prominent under the light. In addition, we also installed transparent stainless steel glass for the display cabinet window to prevent dust and also display clothes.

  • Size: 5*3 meters or customized any size you want
  • Main material: solid wood, MDF and glossy baking paint. Or we can also make matte surface baking paint if you want.
  • Surface finished: laminated, artificial stone
  • Other materials: tempered glass, stainless steel, lights, etc.
  • Shipping time: about 30 days for shipping by sea. The exact time depends on the port in your country.
  • Payment way: payment 50% deposit and pay the balance before shipment
  • T/T, PayPal, Western Union, Alibaba. It’s up to you.
  • Open from 2 sides for selling. One entrance for the door.
  • Long last foldable awnings for both sizes.

Layout Distribution

The display wardrobe we are introducing today mainly compose of four small display cabinets. One is used as a cash register, two taller display cabinets are used to display clothes, and a lower display cabinet is used to display shoes in the middle. If you don’t like the style in the picture, we can also redesign and customize it for you according to your requirements and needs until you are satisfied.

Production Details

Our production carry out according to the design. The stickers, logos, and lightbox pictures in the design drawings are all provided by the customer. We will print them out and install them on the kiosk. There are many colors of tiles, and there will be a certain deviation between the actual picture and the design drawing, so before starting to buy the tiles, we will send you a picture of your choice.

How to get these glasses display showcases?

First, find a professional manufacture to give them your requirements. And tell the designer about your needs and ideas to let them customizing the display showcases suited your own shop. Then get the approval of big shopping mall after getting your 3D design drawing. In the end, confirm your final design drawing and you will receive your cabinets successfully when the transportation finished.


Shenzhen Unique Kiosk Furniture Ltd  is a customize factory that manufactures good & high quality display showcase and mall kiosk, starting from 2006. The company provides the customized products and OEM service. We have our own factory and professional design team. Our company provide free 3D design and best service. All the kiosk we customize for the customers with their own requirements. ( size, logo ).

If you worried about you couldn’t handle these, UNIQUE can provide you with one-stop services.

Please let us know what you want.

Email: sales01@uniquekiosk.com/WhatsApp :+0086 136 8246 0100

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