How To Start A Food Kiosk In The Mall

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As the saying goes: people take food as their heaven. With the improvement of the current living standards, the scale of investment in the food industry is increasing. Many people start to do food business. They will choose to open a food store or build a food kiosk in the mall. If you want to start food business, you can make a food kiosk first. The food showcase is very convenient. Moreover, Its cost is not high, and it can pay back quickly in a short time.

How to start a food kiosk in the mall? Here are some detailed information about starting a food kiosk in the mall for your reference.

Detailed Information

1. Confirm food. First of all, you need to know what food you will sell, which food target consumers and the food kiosk design style matches the food for sale.

2. Find raw material suppliers. Generally for the food business, it is necessary to update the ingredients daily and ensure its safety and quality. So you need to find some safe and quality assurance suppliers. Also negotiate with them the relevant prices and some specific daily supply procedures.

3. Site selection. Just like location determines sales. Firstly, consider popular large shopping malls, Secondly, choose a location with a large flow of people. At the same time, you need to consider the actual situation of your competitors. So as to put yourself in a favorable position.

4. Negotiate the location price and sign the letter of intent with the mall.

5. After getting the size of the mall location, you can freely contact us. Our professional designers will make a design for you according to your shopping mall requirements and personal preferences. After confirming the whole design, you can submit the final renderings to the mall for review.

6. Our payment is 50% deposit before production, 50% balance before shipping.

7.After the production is completed, we will pack the food stand and arrange fast and punctual transportation for you. When you receive the food showcase, you are ready to open.

8. Last and the most important thing is the pre-opening publicity and the promotional activities during the opening. Effective publicity and promotion will bring you more customers. And greatly enhance the visibility of your food kiosk.

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