What Is The Plywood?

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Nowadays, with the increasing demand for food, many people tend to do food business. For example, People will customize a food kiosk in the mall to start business. And making a good food kiosk, the most important thing is to choose the right materials. Usually most food kiosks will choose plywood as the substrate. Do you know what plywood is?

Information About Plywood

Plywood commonly known as thin core board in the industry. It makes by hot pressing of three or more layers of one millimeter thick veneer or sheet glue. And it frequently uses for handmade furniture. Because the materials and textures stagger vertically during the gluing process, the strength of plywood is very strong and it is not easy to deform.

Plywood is multi-layered. Firstly, according to the number of layers, we can divide plywood into three-plywood, five-plywood, nine-plywood, twelve-plywood, etc. For example, Decoration most commonly uses three-plywood and five-plywood. Secondly, the more layers of the plywood, the greater its thickness, the higher its strength, the stronger the bearing capacity and the less easy to bend. According to its purpose, plywood divides into ordinary plywood (it suits for a wide range of purposes) and special plywood (it meets special purposes).

Plywood has all the advantages of natural wood. Such as light weight, high strength, beautiful texture, insulation, etc. And it can make up for some natural defects of natural wood. Such as small format, deformation, etc. Therefore, plywood is mostly used as a basic material for furniture manufacturing, interior decoration and residential construction. Just like all kinds of food kiosks.

How To Choose The Plywood

Firstly, choose plywood with good panel quality. According to your application, choose the suitable plywood. For instance, decoration in the market often uses imported eucalyptus plywood.

Secondly, pay attention to the material of the inner sandwich. Generally, the inner layer of the plywood is mostly mixed wood. It is best to use high-quality materials such as eucalyptus. And check whether its cross section and core board are qualified.

Thirdly, carefully observe the appearance of the whole plywood. Good quality plywood has no warping, deformation or cracking. And its surface color is consistent, the edges are straight and the wall thickness is substantial. Also the size of plywood is standardized.

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