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As the saying goes: everyone has the love of beauty. People often find it hard to refuse the temptation of beauty. Therefore, if your juice kiosk is unique and beautiful, it can attract more customers and increase sales for you. This can make your juice business more successful. How to make a unique and attractive juice kiosk? First of all, you need to have a unique design for the juice stand. Only the design can visually see the overall actual effect of the juice booth and satisfy all your ideas about the juice kiosk.

The following is some tips of starting a unique design of juice kiosk. Let us take a look at it.

Tips Of Design

Firstly, you need to have design ideas of juice kiosk. Then freely contact our sales to discuss your specific requirements of the juice kiosk. Such as the location, size, style, color, logo etc. Secondly, our design team create a design for you according to your requirements. And the design deposit is 300USD. It will return to you when order kiosk. Actually it is free.

Thirdly, it will take 3-5 working days to make a 3D design after receiving design deposit. Of course, we can modify the design if you want to add new ideas. Fourthly, our designers make a construction drawing for you after confirming final 3D design. Until confirming all the design details, we start to produce. Also we will send you some production pictures of juice stand. And check everything before delivery.

Here are some juice kiosks with unique designs

Through these juice showcases, we know the design of each stand is unique. The unique design is not only reflected in the difference in size, shape, and color, but also can be displayed by changing or adding something. For example, you can add some special light boxes and posters to promote. Or add some other machines and showcases. So that besides selling juice, you can also sell other things, like ice cream and cakes. Also provide customers with comfortable places to eat and rest. These can show your special design and attract more people.

If you want to make a unique juice showcase, welcome contact us. We are directly manufacturing display furniture. And we have professional design team, sales team and skillful workers. We can design and customize a new juice kiosk for you according to your needs.

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