How To Pack The Kiosk For Transportation

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Packaging is a concern for every customer. Usually they worry about damaging the showcase due to collision during transportatio. So effective packaging will reassure them. How to achieve effective packaging to protect the kiosk? For packaging, we will divide the whole showcase into a few parts. And pack them for foam inside and wooden box outside. In this way, it is very strong and safe.

Kiosk Packaging Steps

  1. Before packaging, we will clean the entire showcase and divide it into several parts for transportation.
  2. Each part wrap with brushed film to prevent collision damage. And the corners of the kiosk wrap with corner cotton. It can prevent wear and deformation.
  3. Add thick foam cotton to the wrapped kiosk frame. And then put the packed showcase into a wooden box. At this time, the foam cotton can prevent the collision and friction between the kiosk and the wooden box. It is very practical.
  4. Seal the wooden box to strengthen the protection of the showcase.

About Shipping

Before delivery, we will mark the serial number on each packed wooden box. This allows you to install them quickly. And if there is glass inside, we will sign “Fragile”. Also has a mark. Please tell us which port you need to delivery to or specific location. So we can estimate the sea freight and arrange delivery for you. As for shipping time, it will depend on which port you are.

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