How to open a clothing shop?

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Clothing stores are very common in our lives. Many entrepreneurs don’t know it very well. They may invest in stores at a low cost and then lose money. In fact, clothing stores also have the secret to making money. How much does it cost to open a clothing store? How to calculate the rental cost of shops? How do novices manage clothing stores?

How much does it cost to open a clothing store?

Shop rent cost

In different areas of different cities, the rent of shops is not the same. Take the first-tier cities for example. The rent of 50 square meters of shops in ordinary areas is 8000$ a month, and many shops in first-tier cities will have transfer fees, ranging from one hundred to two hundred thousand, which is the main cost of opening stores. If you only want to open an ordinary clothing store, you’d better open it in the second and third-tier cities with a wide audience and low rent. The most important thing is that there are no transfer fees in many places. It’s not difficult to achieve financial freedom.

Source cost

Novice clothing store purchase is generally to find wholesalers, after all, novice only knows that the wholesale market has clothing sources. In fact, the source of goods in the wholesale market is not the first-hand price. If we want to minimize the cost of the source of goods, we need to find manufacturers to cooperate. Of course, if your clothing store is too small, the clothing factory will not cooperate with you, so you have to go to the wholesale market to get the goods. It should be noted that when taking the goods for the first time, don’t take too much of the same style, follow the principle of a small amount of money, minimize the risk of inventory, and replenish the goods according to the actual situation when they are officially sold.

Shop decoration cost

If you are satisfied with the original decoration style of the rented shop, then there is almost no cost for this part. If you want to redecorate, according to the size of the store and the positioning of the clothing store, the decoration cost is also different. Take a small clothing store as an example, the decoration does not need to spend too much cost, because the core of opening a clothing store is to sell, not to spend costs in unnecessary places, and pay attention to the source and expenditure. Such decoration down, only need 10000$ to 20000$ is enough to make the clothing store appear relatively high-grade.

Labor and overhead

Needless to say, water and electricity all need to be spent on daily expenses, which is not high. As for labor costs, it is also based on different levels in different cities. In the second and third-tier cities, the sales wage of clothing stores is generally about 800-1000$, and some of them will have commission. A small clothing store does not need to hire too many sales, the important thing is the sales ability rather than the quantity, generally two are enough.

How do novices manage clothing stores?

The development of clothing stores, the most important is customer satisfaction, a service-oriented era, customer service above all. Provide convenient services for customers, so that customers can find the products they want more easily. Have fashionable clothes, set fair and reasonable prices, and consider problems from the perspective of customers.

Finally, the most important skill of opening a clothing store is psychology. First of all, before opening a clothing store, put your mind on balance, and carefully consider your investment strength and supporting the loss budget. The second is the perseverance to keep the store, the spirit of being greedy from the beginning to the end when purchasing goods, and the spirit of not abandoning and not giving up. Finally, we should be able to bear the bleakness and loss for a while, and do a good job in the psychology of making money and making compensation.

Generally speaking, how much money is needed to open a clothing store depends on the actual situation. The key is to see the city, location, grade and quantity of goods, decoration cost and labor cost. For example, if you open a 50 square meter clothing store in the second and third-tier cities to sell affordable clothing, you need to prepare about 100000$.

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