How much does it cost to open a manicure shop?

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Manicure is a favorite project of many female friends, which naturally leads to many manicure shops. How much does it cost to open a manicure shop? How to locate the site? How to purchase equipment and train employees? Please read the following article carefully, you can find the answer.

Location of Manicure shop

nail shop
nail salon shop

The location of the manicure shop is very important, and it is also the key to the success of the manicure shop. If the address is too far away, it will affect your passenger flow and business situation. Nail salons should be located at the bottom of high-end department stores, commercial pedestrian streets or high-end office buildings (high-end communities)

As an investor in nail shops, if you have your own shop, you can start your nail business in your own shop. If you don’t have a store, you need to rent a shop. Store rent is determined by the size and location of the store. So both the store area and the customer flow will affect the rent

Usually, the rent in busy areas is definitely more expensive than in places with less traffic. And the manicure shop does not need a large area, basically can maintain within 35 square meters. If you want to do cosmetology, hairdressing and other businesses at the same time, 60 square meters shop is the most appropriate. For a 30 square meter shop, the annual rent is about 30,000-50,000 US dollars. It depends on the location of the salon

Investment in nail products and equipment

If you want to open a manicure shop, you need relevant products and instruments, so these are also part of the investment. If you want to invest in a manicure shop, you can choose a brand chain to join. If you join a brand, you will avoid many troubles. Because the price is relatively fair, and the later operation is relatively guaranteed. Therefore, joining a nail brand only requires investment in products and equipment. The headquarters will help you train staff, which can save much money. It costs about 10,000-20,000 US dollars.

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manicure store

Store decoration cost

You should also pay for nail store decoration. Fortunately, if you rent a small shop, the decoration does not need too much investment. Generally, the decoration can makes your shop attractive. so the decoration needs to be beautiful, clean and warm. At the same time, it also includes nail furniture, such as seats, sofas, beds, product display cabinets, etc. the price should be around 8,000-15,000 US dollars.

Staff costs

Employees are very important for a nail salon store. A manicure shop probably needs two or three employees. The salary and treatment of each employee are basically determined by the local consumption level. It depends on the location, which won’t less than the standard.

manicure station
nail art service

Technical training

Th real manicure is not an industrial product, but a humanized service. Only first-class technology can provide first-class service. If you think you can make money by buying a manicure machine and setting up a table, you are wrong. Just like a work of art and its printed copies, they may all be pictures with the same content, but they are different values. No consumers can accept a fake painting on their nails.

Only those who have mastered professional manicure technology are qualified to provide customers with this personalized service. In order to master the professional manicure technology, you must go to the domestic regular company or school with many years of training experience. After one or two months of professional study, senior manicurists can master the professional level of French crystal class a manicure technology, learn the use of professional manicure products and communication skills with customers. Hope it will give you ideas to open a nail shop, if you have any requirements, please contact us!

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