How to design a high-quality reception desk?

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The office is not only a place for employees to work but also a place to receive customers. The “reception desk” as the facade of the office will directly affect the customer’s first impression of the enterprise. Therefore, the decoration design of the corporate front desk is very important. If you want a high-end atmosphere, the reception desk of an enterprise must keep in mind three design elements.

        1. Selection of style and style

The style selection of the reception desk of the enterprise should coordinate with the decoration design of the office and office furniture in terms of shape, color, function, etc. To form a complementary overall indoor space effect. The specific style should be decided according to the decoration style of the entire office, as well as the corporate logo and the industry.

        2. Selection of materials

After designing the style of the company’s front desk, the choice of materials is also a problem. To achieve what effect, you need to choose different materials. For example, wood materials can give people a warm and comfortable feeling, suitable for state-owned enterprises or large-scale listed companies, metal materials can give people the meaning of modern technology, suitable for network companies or technology industries.

   3. The choice of geomancy

Speaking of geomancy, many people think this is superstition. Actually, regarding the company’s reception counter, this is a place to gather wealth and luck. The azimuth coordinates are very important. Many enterprises like to put some lucky items at the reception counter, such as vases, lucky cats, gold ingots, etc. But need to pay attention to It is not possible to place screens or partition walls in the lobby area to block the fortune.

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