How To Make A Bubble Tea Shop?

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You may have noticed that the bubble tea industry has been booming in recent years. Nowadays, bubble tea has become one of people’s favorite drinks. The pleasant taste and amazing feeling of boba is one of the main factors of people’s love. Besides taste, the heart health and immune system benefits of bubble tea are some of the other reasons people are crazy about bubble tea. As bubble tea chain stores emerge around the world, it’s clear there’s growing demand for these varied and delicious drinks.  

If you are a person with a passion for bubble tea, you may have considered the possibility of turning that interest and fondness into a career. So the big question now is, how do you start? If you want to take advantage of this craze and try your hand at the bubble tea business, here you can learn the intricacies of “how to open a bubble tea shop”. Here are some steps to help you start your own bubble tea business. Let’s have a deep understanding of the following key points, and from all aspects to understand how to become a successful bubble tea shop owner.  

Determine the business model of the bubble tea shop  

First of all, before starting this bubble tea shop, you should determine the business model you want. Does your bubble tea shop provide take-out, sit-in or self-service? What foods are you going to sell? Have you prepared a menu and a complete marketing plan? Figuring out the type of store you want to run is the first step to starting a business.  

Create your own brand  

For your bubble tea business, having the perfect brand identity is necessary to connect with your customers and establish your brand identity. Study the brand characteristics of your competitors and find a way to differentiate your brand from theirs. Your brand logo should mean something — whether it’s reflecting the theme of your bubble tea shop, your personal story, or even the origins of your product. 

Find a good location

Finding a good location can be an important factor in determining your bubble tea shop business. This is a crucial step in opening a bubble tea shop that can make or break your business. Simply put, the best location is ease and convenience. If you plan to keep customers in your store, choosing a busy area with high traffic and lots of parking can directly make your store a big profit. In our experience, bubble tea shops mainly serve pedestrian areas, such as commercial streets or shopping malls, and tend to do best. This is not to say that these are the only places to go. Nearby schools or parks are good choices. 

Design your bubble tea store

  • Store layout

After deciding on the location of the bubble tea shop, it was time to start designing and decorating the space. Although there is no secret to a successful pearl bubble tea shop design, your bubble tea shop design should maintain a good appearance and reasonable layout. You can customize your store to your unique business needs, but always be practical in the process. While it’s important to decorate your store space in a unique way to differentiate your business, you should also strategically set up your kitchen, seating and counter areas.  

Choose a space to set up your kitchen area and work counter to best suit the needs of your employees and customers. The design of your bubble tea shop will be a major factor in attracting customers and bringing them back. When designing your store, be sure to choose the theme, store design, lighting, painting, and atmosphere of your bubble tea shop based on the tastes of your customer base. You might also consider setting up seating areas where customers can sit and enjoy the meal. You should also research and purchase appropriate equipment, such as a juicer, refrigerator, commercial ice maker, cup sealer or other machine for making bubble tea. 

  • Color selection

Bubble tea shop is decorated the most important thing is to pay attention to colorific collocation. Bubble tea is fast-moving consumer goods, consumers mostly young men, and so on the colour collocation of the decoration to choose that can represent the dynamic fashion color, can attract the attention of people. Such as design style to metal material and the collocation of bright colors, with local cultural characteristics, bring you a feeling of the collision of space and time. Bubble tea shop owners play warm, as far as possible with lively colors. 

The choice of color can be pink and white, or white and blue will create a fresh effect. You can also try to make the bar yellow, make the background wall pink green, plus the logo of the bubble tea shop, give people a fresh feeling. Dark series can highlight the mystery of bubble tea shop. Mosaic floor paving, geometric lights and artistic oil paintings hanging on the wall can be used to give people thick and mysterious characteristics. 

  • Take care of details 

In the creation of the bubble tea store space has always adhered to the simple but not simple style, which is also in line with the aesthetic of the current consumer. Now everyone does not like grandiose things, simple and simple has become the pursuit of the current consumers, in the creation of the space to be concise, but to have texture. The design of bubble tea shop will be reflected in the decoration. In different dining areas, you can have unique small environment characteristics, so that the shop can have unique style. 

  • Shop style

Any bubble tea shop is a beautiful scenery in the city. Therefore, if you want to put it into a bubble tea shop to attract consumers, you not only need to meet their own style, but also need to meet the aesthetic needs of consumers and the development trend of bubble tea market. Generally speaking, the style of bubble tea shop should conform to its own brand characteristics, and the style can be changeable. The store decoration should be coordinated with the existing urban architectural style;  Uniform color. 

In general, the decoration design of bubble tea shop is mainly characterized by comfort, warmth, cleanliness and cleanliness. The overall decoration pays attention to coordination and color collocation. The first impression on consumers must be perfect, and then there will be further opportunities to win consumption. Therefore, a design of the shop represents the business of bubble tea.

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