5 Tips For The Jewelry Store Design

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Good decoration of jewelry store is very important to attract customers. With the continuous development of society and the continuous improvement of living standards, jewelry is also loved by people, and jewelry stores are gradually increasing in the city. There are many jewelry stores in the mall and on the street. The most tedious thing to open a jewelry store is nothing more than decoration. Jewelry stores should not only attract customers in decoration, but also promote enterprise culture and business philosophy. The quality of jewelry store operation is often linked to the quality of decoration. So what kind of jewelry store decoration is good decoration? 

Jewelry shop decoration design concept.  

A good jewelry store showcase design, in order to let consumers walk into the store to buy, it is necessary to show your jewelry products to consumers perfectly. So a good showcase and booth is the focus of jewelry store design. A unique design, novel jewelry store display cabinet, can let a person see the display cabinet after the impulse to go shopping. Display cabinet design should be designed according to the style of jewelry products, jewelry store products should conform to what style of jewelry showcase

If designed into a completely unrelated style, it will be divorced from the essence of the product. The display case design of the jewelry store should be able to conform to the culture of the jewelry store enterprise, or the connotation of the jewelry products. When customers see it, they can immediately associate with a kind of cultural connotation, not only the classical style, but also the popular fashion style, and the appearance should be well reflected. 

Jewelry store aesthetic experience.  

A decorously decorated shop, selling goods must be high-grade products. A poorly decorated and dated jewelry store design may sell mediocre, mediocre products. But too luxurious or humble adornment, in collocation incongruous decorate, itself is the factitious barrier that rejects consumer. So jewelry shop showcase decoration design must have a very comfortable aesthetic vision. Usually, the display company will carry out the aesthetic design of the store according to the customer object, market positioning and brand level of the jewelry brand. Jewelry shop showcase store design needs to give people a feeling of beauty and refreshing surprise is the best design experience. 

The space planning is simple and generous.  

Good showcase space can sometimes give sales twice the result with half the effort. Showcase and store space planning should not be too crowded, and the corridor should be smooth, so as to appear simple and generous. At the same time it create a comfortable shopping space and environment for customers, promote customer shopping, and give customers a good mood. 

Rationalization of lighting source   

As we know, the first visual experience is very important, and visually, the jewelry store lighting design and equipment play a crucial role. Because the experience of lighting not only affects the aesthetic feeling of the store, but also affects the mood of the audience, thus indirectly affecting the success of the jewelry store trading. 

The jewelry store space design should not be too crowded, jewelry display cabinet layout should be reasonable, to create a comfortable shopping space and environment for customers. When designing the commercial space of a jewelry store, the lighting design of a jewelry store is also very important. Different lighting levels can vary the levels and selling subjects in the jewelry store, and the characteristics of jewelry itself have high requirements for the light source. 

Good cases to light with can distinguish level and sales of jewelry store, some jewelry shop decoration lighting design, or the counter, pay attention to only commonly the light would be light enough to make the whole of the store feeling gorgeous, gorgeous. But ignored the proportional distribution of light source, because the very nature of the jewel to the light source has a high requirement. To meet the requirements of these light sources, you can show the characteristics of goods. 

There are a few things worth noting about the jewelry store’s lighting design:  

(1) Inside the jewelry store, different divisions need different lighting;  

(2) Avoid glare;   

(3) Avoid artificial light damage to jewelry;   

(4) All kinds of lighting design to grasp, do not affect the atmosphere of the transaction.

Jewelry shop decoration design elements  

In modern business, light can be used to play incisively and vividly, show the beauty of light, light harmony, all industries are inseparable from the light source. Different types of lamps and lanterns of different specifications are used for shopping mall decoration, shop decoration and more occasions. A good display light environment by illumination, sense of space, color, stereo, blinding, stability and other factors. Jewelry store decoration design needs to consider the following elements: 

  • Design aesthetics   

Want to have the function of the atmosphere of adornment space, foil, beautification environment. Lighting design should be designed to meet the needs of jewelry displays as much as possible while meeting the requirements of the interior decoration of the showcase. According to the needs of different ornaments or display personality, adjust the brightness, and provide a comfortable, prominent, vivid light color display space. 

  • Art of design  

Adhere to the design of light but not light, and avoid glare damage to the three-dimensional image of the eyes. Make full use of lighting, show the space of the showcase, level, as well as the three-dimensional sense of exhibits and decorations. To convey the three-dimensional sense of special ornaments with lighting, the texture of ornaments, reveal the texture, texture, color and other beauty of exhibits. 

  • Storefront design

Jewelry store storefront design is very important, according to their own brand to do some logo design and other creative logos. In fact, the word jewelry store should have a picture in everyone’s mind. The exquisite velvet jewelry rack is hung with amazing jewelry. People passing by can’t help but see the jewelry inside through the glass, and a glimmer of beauty and romance will flash in their hearts. The shop window does not need to be made into a whole glass, make a few pieces of glass to show several main characters so that people can see at a glance. 

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