How to display jade in jewelry kiosk ?

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The display cabinet is not only for jewelry and cosmetics, but also for jadeite. The intention of the display cabinet is to better display the effect of products. Jadeware retail cabinet is also for better display of jadeite. Bright Showcase tells you how to display the showcase.

jewelry kiosk for jade display
jade jewelry kiosk in mall

First of all. Highlighting the display style: The main intention of this
display cabinet is to introduce the main points of jadeite articles to consumers. The main point is to focus on the advantages of jadeite articles or a certain product. The ultimate intention is to establish brand image and highlight the bright spots of jade.

Secondly. Special topic Chen tries to show the same kind of jade in a jewelry kiosk , which is essentially a summary of the same kind of gold, silver and jewelry.

Thirdly. seasonal or festival display: before changing seasons or serious festivals, according to customers’consumption habits in the next season or festival, new products with the theme are introduced in different seasons and festivals, and the products are displayed in jade display cabinets.

Fourthly. Summarize and place all kinds of products: put all kinds of products together, show the same type but different styles of products, give people a new sense of freshness. How to place the jade in the jewelry kiosk is an important part of the display cabinet planning, but the display of the retail store fixtures can not be ignored. Good display of the jade display cabinet can not only attract customers’attention, but also improve the fashion and popularity of the jade brand.

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