How to choose retail display cabinet for mall kiosk ?

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Retail kiosk are used in various stores, and it is very important to select a high-quality retail display cabinet. The appearance and shape of a display cabinet can set off the characteristics of a commodity, and the material quality of the display cabinet is also very important. In the past, the materials and styles of the display cabinet are relatively backward, and most of the kiosk are either ordinary glass or metal materials, the style is relatively rigid and transparent, and can not foil the temperament of the product, and can not achieve the effect of display promotion. Nowadays, a new kind of material, acrylic, has been widely used in the market.

jewelry kiosk in mall
mall jewelry retail kiosk

The acrylic retail display cabinet is made of high quality acrylic materials, with high transparency like crystal, which can be used for carving, polishing, silk printing and other processes. The combination of colours and unique shape can better reflect the elegant characteristics of retail. Retail kiosk are stocked with various kinds of retail, such as whitening cream, perfume, wax and so on. The use of the retail counters adds more high-end retail.

Compared with ordinary glass display showcase, Acrylic display are stronger and less fragile. They also have the advantages of light weight and rich color. Acrylic retail display shelves can also be customized according to the different needs of customers. As long as we have a professional design team, we can design the most suitable retail display cabinet according to customers’product design. It can be made in any shape, size, color, fashion, beautiful, lightweight, and can be silk-printed company LOGO. It can be made according to customers’ drawings.

So how do retail vendors choose retail kiosk?

Whether we look at clothes or household appliances in the market, can we give people a new and beautiful feeling? From the visual point of view, we immediately feedback to the brain that this product feels good and has a grade. In fact, this half of the credit is due to a suitable retail display cabinet with the effect of lighting.

The choice of retail kiosk must be in agreement with the retail sales you advertise. In order to achieve exquisite and noble effect, we usually use bright colors. But the color relationship between watch cabinet and retail should take into account the usual color role, such as bright color retail, display cabinet color should be grey; light cosmetics, display cabinet color should be dark; dark cosmetics, shoe kiosk display cabinet color should be light. The matching of display shelves and retail colors is to play a foil role. In addition, the product display shelves need to ensure adequate light, leaving a good first impression.

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