Five major factors affecting the brightness of mall kiosk’s luminous signs

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In big cities, the air is dry, the dust intrudes, does the light-emitting sign darken a lot? On a sunny night, there are many people walking on the road. Does your advertising light box have an absolute advantage over others?

Same signs are used mall kiosks and retail kiosk .Here blow is a big backlit Logo with LED light in it.

logo on kiosk
3D backlit logo on shop front

Creativity does not say, but brightness can affect your advertising effect, LED light-emitting words, LED perforated lights, full-color outdoor lights and so on are all to have eye-catching advantages, strong visual impact, let people see bright, so as to attract customers. Five factors affecting the the brightness of mall kiosk’s luminous signs are summarized as follows:

  1. The number, type, light output, color and position of the light source in the LED light-emitting sign will affect the brightness. This must be considered before doing so.
  2. Luminescent marking materials: the transparency, light reflection, light absorption and diffuse factors of the resin marking panel or acrylic board have no influence. When choosing materials, the best transmittance can be selected under certain quality assurance.
  3. The size of the light box, especially the thickness of the light box and the reflective factors of the paint or other auxiliary materials used in the interior of the light box.
  4. The influence of lamp tube and electrical device inside light absorption lamp box on luminance of luminous mark.
  5. Maintenance: The intensity of light output will decrease with the increase of service life and the dust accumulation inside the light box. In this respect, we suggest that we should do these work well in accordance with certain cleaning rules when we can be clean. In addition, when light transmission is not strong, we should replace the light in time when necessary.
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