How to classify cosmetic & display cabinet?

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Cosmetics display cabinet are commercial display fixtures used to display cosmetics products. In order to better understand display solution. Today i m going to tell you how to classify cosmetics .

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Classification by function

Clean type: used to clean the skin;

Skin care: such cosmetics as cleaning cream, facial cleanser, bath, shampoo and hair care, shaving cream, etc.

Fundamental type: Before makeup, base treatment of facial hair. This kind of cosmetics, such as cream, honey, make-up water, facial mask, hair cream, hair gel, etc.

Beauty: Beauty products for face and hair. This kind of cosmetics refers to rouge, lipstick, eye shadow, hair dyeing, ironing, hair treatment and fixing.

Therapeutic effect: daily chemicals between drugs and cosmetics. Such cosmetics as refrigerants, deodorants, wool reagents, depilators, wool dyes, insect repellents, olive essence, etc.

Classification by usage

Skin cosmetics: refers to facial and skin cosmetics. Such cosmetics as various facial creams, bath agents, etc.

Hair cosmetics: refers to special cosmetics for hair. Such cosmetics are shampoo, mousse, spray hair gel, etc.

Beauty cosmetics: mainly refers to facial beauty products, but also includes nail hair beauty products;

Special function cosmetics: refers to cosmetics with special effects.

Classification by dosage form

Liquid: facial cleanser, bath liquid, shampoo, make-up water, perfume, cleansing water, makeup remover, essence, raw liquid, etc.

Emulsion: honey, milk, hair cream, essence milk;

Cream: moisturizing cream, foundation cream, shampoo cream, concealer, hair cream, cream, cream before makeup;

Powders: perfume powder, talcum powder, powder, cleansing powder, honey powder;

Lump: powder, cosmetic box, lipstick, wax.

Oily: Makeup remover oil, moisturizing oil, hair moisturizing oil, essential oil.

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