How to design a kiosk that sells bags as well as shoes and clothes?

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If we want to open a kiosk in a shopping mall with a low budget, we need to consider a lot. First of all, designing a kiosk to sell bags, shoes and clothes requires careful planning and consideration.

Site from the mall

Start by measuring the available space and designing a layout that optimizes the area. Because our kiosk will be open in our shopping mall, before we start business, we must first find a location in the shopping mall and communicate with the manager of the shopping mall whether there is a location for us to open. Once we have the location and exact dimensions, we can start looking for vendors who specialize in custom kiosks. Fortunately for you who read this article, you have already found the manufacturer in advance. We specialize in kiosks and have our own factory and design team. If you have solved all the above problems, the next step is our kiosk design. Only by clearly understanding the internal and external conditions can we ensure that this design is satisfactory to us. And most shopping malls actually require design review.

clothing stand

Next, we need to consider the display space of the kiosk to ensure that there is no wasted space so that customers can see our products at a glance. The internal space should also be appropriately left open for customers to move around comfortably.

Create different sections

Divide the kiosk into different areas for bags, shoes and clothes.
Use shelf, racks or dedicated areas to clearly differentiate product categories. We can also appropriately add some mannequin displays and wear our bags, shoes and clothes on the mannequins. It can be seen by customers at a glance, and the perfect match can attract many customers. This allows customers to visualize how the products can be styled and encourages them to purchase multiple items. You can also create eye-catching focal points by showcasing your most popular or trendy pieces in prominent locations.
Placing products into categories allows purposeful customers to pick exactly what they want. Present projects in an organized and accessible manner.

Effective display bags and shoes and clothes

Utilize shelving or wall-mounted racks to showcase bags. Multi-level shelves can accommodate multiple bag displays. There are many display forms of shelves. We can also use acrylic to separate the display shelves to prevent dust.
Arrange bags by size, shape or style for easier browsing.
Make sure the bag is displayed in a way that allows customers to see its design features and details.

Bag display furniture

This one clothing display shelf can be put in the shop or kiosk, it have four levels. Metal frame or stainless steel as a outside, the shelf used MDF with baking paint. Other style the bottom of the shelf have lockable cabinets. Irregular shape clothing display shelf will bring unique kiosk. Make sure to hang them at different heights to create visual interest and make them more accessible. Additionally, consider displaying bags in different colors or patterns to cater to various style preferences. Use props or mannequins to demonstrate how the bags can be worn, further enticing customers to make a purchase.

Shoe display furniture

This shoe display furiture have 3 styles. There are Slatwall shoe display, wall cabinets, metal grid wall. We can add some light on the top or bottom of display furniture. What’s more, we also can add the light box, show the shoes. When it comes to displaying shoes, consider using shoe racks or shelves that allow customers to easily see and access different styles and sizes. Arrange them in a way that highlights their unique features, such as color or design. You can also use shoe stands to showcase specific pairs or highlight new arrivals. Make sure to keep the display clean and free from dust or dirt to maintain a professional and appealing appearance.

Clothing display furniture

The clothing display furniture also use slatwall clothing display, stands, shelf etc. These clothes use hangers and take it on the slatwall, people can choose their favorite. Consider using a mix of bold and neutral colors to create visually appealing displays.

Utilize effective lighting

Ensure the kiosk is well-lit to highlight the merchandise. Use a combination of ambient and accent lighting to create an inviting atmosphere. Focus spotlights or track lighting on specific items to draw attention to them. Soft lighting can create a warm and inviting atmosphere, while spotlights can draw attention to specific items. Be sure to regularly check and replace any burnt-out bulbs to ensure a consistently well-lit display.

Implement eye-catching signage

Place clear signage that highlights the different product categories. Use attractive fonts and colors that are easy to read and align with the overall theme. Include prices or special offers on the signage to encourage sales.

Incorporate mirrors

Install mirrors strategically to allow customers to see themselves while trying on bags, shoes, or clothes.
Position mirrors near fitting areas or alongside displays to encourage customers to visualize how items will look on them.

Include interactive elements

You can provide clothes pictures and additional information about the products, such as available sizes or colors. Allow customers to browse through catalogs or lookbooks for inspiration. Provide seating areas where customers can comfortably try on shoes or bags.

Maintain cleanliness and organization

Regularly clean and tidy the kiosk to create a pleasant shopping environment. Ensure items are restocked and arranged neatly throughout the day. Regularly assess the display to identify any necessary adjustments or improvements.

Engage with customers

Train staff to be knowledgeable about the products and to engage with customers in a friendly and helpful manner. Encourage staff to offer assistance, answer questions, and provide suggestions. Offer personalized recommendations based on customers’ preferences and needs.

In conclusion, displaying shoes, bags, and clothes in a mall clothing kiosk requires careful consideration. By organizing your products, utilizing proper lighting, creating focal points, and incorporating signage and labels, you can enhance the attractiveness of your display. Remember to regularly update and maintain your display to keep it fresh and appealing to customers. By implementing these strategies, you can create a visually appealing and engaging shopping experience that will entice customers to explore and purchase from your kiosk.

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